PREPAK (Pro) greets on 34th B’day

 IMPHAL, Oct 8 : The armed outfit PREPAK (Pro) has conveyed deepest regards to all the martyrs and leaders who have sacrificed their lives in the course of the revolutionary movement on the occasion of the outfit’s 34th raising day which falls on October 9.

The PREPAK (Pro) was set up with a view to forge closer ties with the mass and also to bring unity among revolutionary groups of the land, conveyed the outfit’s Chairman Paliba M in his raising day message.

The Chairman also announced an array of campaigns/activities which the party would take up presently, the foremost being finding a way out for peaceful coexistence of all the people after identifying the basic incompatibilities and differences between hill and valley people as well as between the hill people.

To address the woes of the mass inflicted by the corrupt and repressive regime of New Delhi and its local agents, and devising measures to tackle the covert anti-revolutionary strategies of India were other points raised by the Chairman.

To strive for restoring the sacred bond between students and teachers and keep the students away from unnecessary disturbances; checking drug abuse by youths and re-evaluation of students’ conduct and behaviour were some other activities chalked out by the party.

Identifying the prerequisites for formulating a national economic policy and amassing of armoury to take on the adversary forces were the two other activities which the party declared to take up very soon.

At present, distrust between different commu- nities have exacerbated to an alarming situation in the backdrop of the demand for creation of new districts.

“It seems there is no one to look after Manipur nor any authority to redress the misery of the public”, Paliba M stated.

Whether how many districts have been created or not, there would be neither development nor the lost mutual trust can be restored among the indigenous communities until Kangleipak remains under the alien rule.

“Our political destiny should be determined by ourselves. We need to work out a formula under which the interests of each and every community can be safeguarded collectively, and live together in harmony. But we don’t believe we can devise such a formula before Kangleipak regains its sovereignty”, the Chairman conveyed.

As a result of living under the alien rule for the past 60 years and more, all the indigenous communities have lost all hopes of any substantial economic development whereas they have been divided and suppressed.

All these factors combined together to create the turmoil being witnessed in contemporary Kangleipak which is de facto ruled by the military.

“By making a comprehensive study of the ever degrading political system, rampant human rights violation, scarcity of essential commodities, ever soaring crime rates and the aggravating situation of drug abuse, it’s high time our people understand where our destination would be. We need to brace ourselves to take on these challenges collectively”, Paliba stated.     Seeing the future of the nation through the so called national highways would be disastrous. This would only worsen the socio-political decadence of the nation, the outfit cautioned.

“It has become questionable whether the national highways are there for our development or suppressing us or creating conflicts among the indigenous communities”, the Chairman remarked.


Source: The Sangai Express



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