Saparmeina meet resolves to intensify stir

A Lhalho Kin session underway at Sapermeina

IMPHAL, Oct 8 : A public gathering held today at Saparmeina for Lhalho Kin, a customary rite for longevity of live, usually performed when misfortune befall on individuals, resolved to intensify the ongoing agitation even to the extent of shedding more blood and sacrificing more lives for the cause of Sadar Hills district.

The ritual was performed  specially to invoke the blessings of the Almighty to give greater strength to all those injured in the action of security forces in the course of the movement for creation of Sadar Hills district.

It is reported that altogether 130 people including young men and women sustained injuries in the action of security forces  in the course of the 68 days old agitation.

The gathering was attended by SHDDC members, Sadar Hills Women Union members, KSO Sadar Hills members, representatives of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, Thadou Students Association and Gorkha Nepali leaders.

Speaking at the occasion, Sadar Hills ADC Chairman Seipu said that Sadar Hills has around 1.95 lakh people, out of whom around 85,000 are women.

Saying that women have been taking pro-active roles in the agitation for granting district status on Sadar Hills, Seipu noted that it was the womenfolk who have been bearing the brunt of security forces.

SAWA secretary Vah-chin Haokip said that many women sustained injuries on account of excesses committed by Assam Rifles men.

Though more than 150 people sustained injuries, the people have not been deterred a bit. Vahchin also decried the deafening silence of the State Govern- ment to the Sadar Hills issue.

Pointing that the State Government has issued arrest warrant against SHDDC leaders, she said that it would not be convenient for SHDDC leaders to give statements before the army’s Court of Enquiry.

Nevertheless, the gathering acknowledged the concern shown by the Army/Assam Rifles authority for justice by instituting the Army Court of Enquiry with regard to the atrocities and inhuman acts of 43 Assam Rifles on women during the recent incidents. In case, the State Government does not revoke the arrest warrants and goes on to arrest SHDDC leaders, there would be nothing the women of Sadar Hills would fear, Vahchin said.

The gathering further appealed to the concerned authority to conduct the sitting of the Army Court of Enquiry in Sadar Hills either at Kangpokpi or Gamnom-Saparmeina police stations in view of the alleged threat perceptions on SHDDC leaders from State agencies.

Holding the sitting of the Court of Enquiry in Sadar Hills would enable the SHDDC leadership to present or produce witnesses and evidence as desired by the Court of Enquiry.

The State Government should prepare to accept all unfolding incidents if it further delay inauguration of Sadar Hills as a full fledged autonomous district, conveyed a press release issued by SHDDC.


Source: The Sangai Express