Headmaster of Singngat Government High School in soup for Fake claims

 Lamka, Sep 9 : The Headmaster of Singngat Government High School has been summoned by the Deputy Commissioner (Churachandpur) on the charge that he has faked the enrolment of 102 students in the school when there is none in reality and for withdrawing many benefits and grants from the Education Department based on the fictitious claim.

Deputy Commissioner Jacintha Lazarus has also warned that an FIR will be lodged against the Headmaster concerned if he fails to respect the show cause notice and furnish a satisfying explanation for his conduct by October 11.

Albeit an impressive and colourful structure, the government run high school at Singngat fails to have impressed the local parents as they have reportedly opted for the other two aided schools for nurturing their children leaving the former high and dry.

Despite it, the school authority has fictitiously claimed that a total of 102 students have been enrolled with them. And accordingly, they have all through the year allegedly withdrawn books, uniforms and other grants and benefits from the Education department.

The joy ride however ended yesterday as the Deputy Commissioner-led official team visited the school and unearthed that not a single student has been enrolled in the school during the current academic session.

Besides the show cause notice served on him the headmaster has been instructed to return all the materials he has so far collected from the department.

Interestingly, the Headmaster has admitted before the Deputy Commissioner that all the books and uniforms are still kept safely in his office.

The fact that the anomaly was  detected only when the DC has opted to personally visit the school has hinted the likelihood of a bigger nexus existing within the department. It will still be unsurprising, despite the confessed zero enrolment, if Singngat Govt HS will still have candidates of its own in the upcoming HSLC exam.


Source: The Sangai Express