Oinam Indira rolls up sleeves to face CM in Thoubal AC

Candidate aspirant O Indira Devi meeting the local peopleIMPHAL, Oct 9 : Rather than concentrating on their duties, employees of Thoubal AC, which is the home constituency of Chief Minister Okram Ibobi, have been paying greater attention to contract works.

This was stated by Thoubal Kendra Kanba Lup president Dr Ksh Manglem at the launching function of election campaign for Oinam Indira, the woman behind the hugely successful Self Help Group, WIDC.

Despite the tall claims of Chief Minister that development programmes have been taken up, there is no sign of any development in Thoubal AC.

Since O Ibobi became the Chief Minister of Manipur, the gap between the rich and the poor have grown much wider in Thoubal, he said.

Contrary to all the hopes reposed on O Ibobi when he was elected by the people, Ibobi has not yet fulfilled any expectations of the people.

The rich people of Thoubal AC were given contract works by the Chief Minister which was a deliberate act of aligning with the rich while further depriving the poor, Manglem alleged.

Government employees of the constituency have also been paying more attention to contract works in cahoot with Ibobi while neglecting their duties.

He said that the Thoubal Market complex has started falling apart at different points though the construction work is not yet complete. This is as little attention is paid to the qualitative aspect of the construction work.

Moreover, health centres located in Thoubal have been facing shortage of doctors and staff.

Thoubal Kendra Kanba Lup convenor W Inao Juge alleged that the Chief Minister has not done anything for the common people.

Ibobi has not been able to provide potable water to his own constituency, and most of the Government offices located in Thoubal are almost paralysed.

Further, compensation for private lands acquired by the Government have not been paid till date.

Though Ibobi has done very much for a few section of the people of Thoubal, he has nothing substantial for the common good of the majority poor people, Inao Juge asserted.


Source: The Sangai Express