‘Gaan-Ngai ban unreasonable’

 Imphal, October 12: Reacting to the news report with regard to the banning of the State Level Gaan-Ngai celebration by Zeliangrong Union (ZU), the Committee observed that it is a matter of shame and contempt that ZU has outraged the yeomen service of the Committee which has been in existence since 2003 and has been organizing Gaan-Ngai celebration every year without any interruption with the support, recognition and assistance of the Government of Manipur.

In a statement, President of State Level Gaan-Ngai Celebration Committee, Manipur Poudongai Kamson asserted that the Committee has been observing the celebration keeping in mind the tradition and custom of Kabui-Rongmei tribe and there has been no objection from any quarters. Further, the statement continued that the allegation against the Committee is fueled by greed of a few meddlesome interlopers to lower the reputation and service of the State Level Gaan-Ngai Celebration Committee, which is most unfortunate.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


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