Common minimum programme of SPF will be reviewed: CPI

 Imphal, October 12: Although there is an understanding between the Congress and the CPI who is a partner in the SPF government, the CPI has declared that the common minimum programme, in which both the parties have had an understanding and formed the government, will be reviewed.

Speaking at a press conference held at Irawat Bhawan today, Dr M Nara, Secretary, CPI, Manipur State Council termed the utterances of the Chief Minister O Ibobi in a function, wherein he said that the opposition leaders are just like a conch, they cannot exist and are of no use without joining the ruling party,  as really unfortunate. In a democracy, the belief that only the ruling party will benefit, is a totally irresponsible statement. Both the ruling and the opposition play an equally important role in the betterment of the society by sitting and discussing together to bring out ways and means to being about progress. There is no hard and fast rule that only the Congress can rule a government.

He further said that the highest body of the CPI had a State Council meeting on October 9 and minutely discussed the prevailing condition of the state. The meeting, considering the various difficulties faced by the general public and the central government remaining mum on the issue, resolved to press the Union government to established a Highway Protection Force.

The State Council also condemned the act of the state police for not taking up any step for seizing the license guns of those politicians who are misusing their license guns, he said.

He further went on to say that the cabinet Ministers of the UPA government are indulging in huge corrupt practices. To put a stop to all these practices, pressures will be made to pass the Lok Pal Bill in the winter Parliamentary session.

He said that the State Council meeting has also resolved to fight against gun culture in politics, high corruptions. The people should also co-operate with the party under such circumstances.

When there was economic blockade in Jammu and Kashmir for 8 days, the Union government deployed Para military forces and immediately put a stop to the blockade. But after 70 days of economic blockade in the NHs of Manipur, the Union government is staying silent. The CPI has instructed Minister Ph Parijat of the SPF government, who is a CPI candidate, to at least get himself involved and press the authority to scale down the economic blockade.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao



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