SHDDC greetings on Kut

Imphal, October 12: The SHDDC on the occasion of Kut, a festival of joy of harvest greeted the people of the state. In a press release SHDDC stated, “Harvest used to be in the form of paddy, and other agricultural products. However, as time has changed Kut has also (ought to) become a festival of fete over economic, political, and social achievements in a particular year”.  “People of Sadar Hills Autonomous District have been sadden and humiliated by the State Government for the last 40 years. We have nothing about which we should be happy and in a celebration mood. The Kut season this year is going to be a time of pain and anguish for us” it added while appealing to all Chinlung community living in Manipur to consider the volatile sentiments of Sadar Hills people and share them their state of being without any reason to be happy. It also expressed gratitude to the Chandel District Kut Committee for their decision to abstain from celebrating Kut this year.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao