Delhi goons attack Save Sharmila campaign [The Sangai Express]

'Save Sharmila Repeal' AFSPA campaigners at New DelhiNew Delhi/Imphal, Oct 19 : A public meeting held today at the campus of Delhi University in solidarity to Irom Chanu Sharmila’s campaign for repealing the draconian Armed Forces’ (special Powers) Act 1958 was attacked by suspected Hindu right wing activists.

Jan Karwan, flagged off by social activist Medha Patkar and Magsaysay awardee Sandeep Pandey from Srinagar reached Delhi today. The journey in support of Irom Sharmila is slated to reach Imphal on October 27.

A public meeting was held at the campus of Delhi University, wherein some unruly elements began to hurl tomatoes, potatoes and other items in an apparent attempt to disrupt the gathering.

Student leader Rekha Samom said some of them including herself suffered minor injuries. She said “those who came to attack numbered about 20. They were right wing activists”.

Later, police intervened and prevented the programme to be continued, after which a rally was proposed to be carried out.

Police also detained some student leaders of MSAD (Manipuri Students’ Association, Delhi) and key organizers of the programme.

As some of the student leaders were detained, all those who attended the programme too went to the police station at Patel chest.

After about an hour all of them were released.

Meanwhile, an informed source said about 150 rallyists who reached the national capital from Srinagar were accorded warm welcome by Delhi volunteers of ‘Save Democracy Repeal AFSPA’.

As preparations were being made to continue the rally together about 15 suspected right wing activists wearing black head-bands incribed ‘Bharat Martyrs’ raised objection labelling the rally participants as ‘anti Indians’ along with raising slogans in support of Indian Army and ostracising Manipur.

As a verbal showdown ensued between the Delhi Volunteers of the campaign and the right wing activists the latter’s number swelled to about 30 and nearly culminated to a physical confrontation.

However, arrival of a Delhi police team averted the showdown even as the suspected RSS activists gradually moved away from the scene amid disparaging remarks against the rallyists.

While the attackers were allegedly allowed to disappear some of the Delhi Volunteers were taken into custody by the police before they were eventually released.

Source: The Sangai Express