ZUF blames NSCN-IM incursion for shoot-out [The Sangai Express]

Imphal Oct, 19: The mi-litant outfit Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) alleged today that around 50 cadres of NSCN-IM swooped down and attacked a hide-out of ZUF on early morning of Tuesday.

“The blood thirsty Heb-ron heroes came and attac- ked the ZUF on Tuesday morning at Nongadang village under Khoupum block, Tamenglong district where a gun battle ensued bet-ween the two groups from around 5 am and lasted till 9am,” alleged the ZUF today.

After a long exchange of firing, the NSCN-IM retre-ated as the ZUF retaliated with a volley of bullets at the NSCN-IM group, said the ZUF.

It claimed that around 2/3 cadres of NSCN-IM were injured in the battle, but there were no casualty on the side of ZUF.

ZUF warned NSCN-IM and said the group should be responsible for any unfortunate incident that oc- curs in future in Zelian-grong region.

The present incident was witnessed by the Ze-liangrong people, so the people should identify who are the wrong-doers and who are doing right, stated the ZUF.

Afer a request from many Zeliangrong civil bodies, a peace meeting was going to be held at Nongadang village with  Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), Zeliangrong Baudi (ZB), Zeliangrong Union (ZU), ZSU-AMN, ZSUM, etc for the betterment of Zeliangrong society, the ZUF added.

“But NSCN-IM is not cheered at the leaders’ effort to bring peace and unity in our society,” the ZUF said, adding that for that reason they attacked the ZUF.

“They want bloodshed, they have ruled over Zeliangrong society through the barrels of guns and they want to act as Adolf Hitler who ruled over Germany inflicting untold miseries,” the statement of ZUF further said.

Notably, NSCN-IM and ZUF have fought gun battles against each other three times this month.

Source: The Sangai Express


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