MDF (T) appeals to call off eco-blockade [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 20: Expressing the prolonged imposi- tion of economic blockade on the highways and counter-blockade are against the very principle of peaceful co-existence in a multi-ethnic society like Manipur, the armed Military Defence Force (T) has made a fervent appeal to all concerned to call off the ongoing economic blockade.

An MDF (T) statement issued by its assistant publicity secretary Loingamba Mangang reminded that it is not the political class or affluent members of the society that suffer due to shortage of essential commodities but the hardest hit are the common people.

Contending that Government of India is relentlessly pursuing divide and rule policy by exploiting the multi-ethnic composition of  Manipur, the MDF statement also observed that it is against the basic principle of peaceful co-existence whenever a particular community settled along the lifelines resort to choking supply of essential commodities. Rather than aggravating problem besetting the people by disrupting movement of goods along the NHs it would be more prudent if there is joint effort to solve all outstanding problems, said the statement while reminding that even an iota of fissure in the relation-ships between one commu- nity and the other would be a potent weapon for exploitation by the Centre.

Source: The Sangai Express



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