Installation of Central Receiving Centre on hold [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 21: The Central Receiving Centre (CRC) meant for measuring the magnitude of earthquake, which was all set to be installed in Imphal considering the level of earthquake occurrences in the state is now hold.
According to a highly reliable source, it has been revealed that the CRC, which has all the sophisticated equipments to find out the magnitude, analyze and disseminate all the data’s as soon an earthquake occurs in the state was all set to be established in Imphal. But things went awry and the state of the CRC has become uncertain.

The CRC has got the capability of even controlling all unwanted happenings during an earthquake in a state like Manipur which is among the fifth most seismic zones.

The present Seismological Observatory at Chingmeirong uses Analog method to measure the magnitude of the earthquake and other relevant data, which takes a long time to arrive at a conclusion. Apart from this, it also requires a lot of manpower. There is the need to upgrade the analog method.

Uptill now there are only two CRC in India. One is in Delhi and the other one in Shillong. The CRC in Delhi has already started functioning and the CRC in Shillong will also be starting to function shortly.

Source : Hueiyen Lanpao



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