Backdoor appointments in Assembly Secretariat [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 24: Defiling the sanctity of Manipur Legislative Assembly, many staff have been appointed through the backdoor and the appointment orders are being handed over to the appointed staff at their respective residences instead of displaying on the notice board of the Assembly Secretariat, a highly placed source has disclosed.
According to the source, in all, 28 staff have newly joined service in the Assembly Secretariat. They included two male Security Personnel, two female Security Personnel, one Translator, one Compositor, four Peons, one Junior Mechanic, one Mali (Gardener), one Labour, two Binders, two Reporters, two Sweepers, one Stenographer, one Legal Officer, one river, four LDCs, one Paras and one Assistant Sound Operator.

The appointments of all these 28 staff have not followed any official procedure. Though the notifications for appointment to some of these posts have been put up for some days on the notice board of the Assembly Secretariat, the same were not flashed through newspapers for public knowledge. However, appointments to some of the posts have been done without any notification.

At the time of declaring the results of the appointments too, the selection list had not been displayed for 50 percent of the appointments. Instead, the appointment orders were directly handed over to the appointed staff at their respective residences, the source said.

On the other hand, the appointment of one Driver, four LDCs, one female Security personnel, one Peon and one female Sweeper against regular posts in the Assembly Secretariat have been done without any notification, the source further disclosed.

The appointment of 28 new staff against regular posts in defiance of the existing rules and regulations has caused discontentment among the staff of the Assembly Secretariat, some of whom have been prompted to file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the law court. Consequently, the process for appointment of nine new LDCs, which had already been started, has remained stalled, the source informed.

The appointment of new staff against regular posts by sidelining the promotion of existing staff to the vacancies created after their higher ups have either been promoted or retired from service on attainment of age of superannuation has also become a cause of disgruntlement among many of the deserving sub-ordinate staff in the Assembly Secretariat, the source said.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao