Miscreants plant grenades, locals protest [The Sangai Express]

Sit-in-protest-being-staged-at-Naoremthong-Khumanthem-LeikaiIMPHAL, Oct 24: Different factions of KCP have planted hand grenades at two different places in the past 48 hours.
In the first incident, a faction of KCP placed a hand grenade at the gate of a political worker of Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituency, M Hemanta.

The outfit also threatened the political worker not to work for the MLA in the coming Assembly election.

The explosive was fou-nd at the gate of Elangbam Amumacha (54) of Tentha at around 8 this morning.

The hand grenade was wrapped in a carbon paper and left with a written note threatening Amumacha and two others, Elangbam Joy (51) and Pangambam Bokul (52) not to work for Hemanta.

Police have retrieved the bomb and set off at a safe place.

In another incident, unknown miscreants lobbed a hand grenade at the residence of Cosmopolitan High School Headmaster Senjam Mani (53) s/o Paka of Naoremthong Takyel Khongbal Khumanthem Leikai last night at around 11.50 pm.

Denouncing the incident, womenfolk of Nao- remthong Takyel Khong-bal Khumanthem Leikai staged a sit-in-protest at the locality today.

According to Mani’s wife, Senjam ongbi Land-honi, her husband is also the General Secretary of All Manipur Aided Secondary Schools’ Associa- tion.

KCP (MC) Lamyanba Khuman group served a monetary demand of Rs 10 lakhs to the association on September 23 last threatening the teachers’ body to clear the amount within ten days, she added.

Landhoni also urged the outfit not to target his husband personally as the demand has been served to AMASSA.

She also expressed resentment to police for creating unnecessary delay in retrieving the explosive from her house.

Saying that the matter was informed to the police last night itself Landhoni said that the bomb was however picked up at around 7.30 am today.

Secretary of Takyel Khongbal Chaokhat Thourang Nupi Marup, Ngangom Manjuri who was taking part in today’s sit-in-protest, urged the concerned underground outfit not to repeat such action in future which may kill or injure people.

Meanwhile, All Mani-pur Aided Secondary Schools’ Association has condemned the incident of bomb attack on its General Secretary. In a press release, the association urged KCP-MC (Lamyanba Khuman) to revoke the demand as the association is not afford to such a huge amount of Rs 10 lakhs.

Source: The Sangai Express