ANSAM chief assaulted @ Senapati [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, Oct 25: President of All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) J. Kumo Sha was reportedly beaten up by personnel of Assam Rifles last night in Senapati.
Reports alleged that one Assam Rifles major identified as Major Marathi led a team of AR personnel in the assault. Meanwhile, the ANSAM, Senapati District Students Association (SDSA) and Senapati District Women Association (SDWA) have submitted a joint memorandum to the GOC, 57 Mountain Division stationed at Leimakhong, Manipur today in this connection.

The memorandum said, “As stated above, we are extremely agitated by the repeated harassment of ANSAM volunteer by one Major Yadav since the enforcement of economic blockade. And on the night of October 24, 2011 Mr. J. Kumo Sha, the President of ANSAM was physically assaulted without furnishing any reason at Taphou, Senapati by a team of Assam Riffles led by one Major. Marathi, the out-post commander of Kangpokpi.

“We demand that the culprits, Major Marathi and his team should be terminated from the service immediately, as the public they claim to serve is increasingly feeling insecure and threatened due to their irresponsible and sadistic actions. Kindly note that, in the event of failure to take prompt actions from your end and justice is dispensed, we would resort to strong non co-operation movement against the Assam Riffles,”.
Meanwhile, the ANSAM said today that in yet another outrageous case of Assam Rifles’ excess, J. Kumo Sha, president, All Naga Students’ Association Manipur was physically assaulted on the night of October 24 at Taphou, Senapati by personnel of Assam Rifles led by one Major Marathi, the out-post commander of Kangpokpi. According to ANSAM, Major Marathi and his colleagues also verbally abused with appalling statements like, “I am the bloody post commander of KPI Kangpokpi”, “I will kick your balls into your ass”.

ANSAM said this act of violence is a calculated act as it occurred right after Kumo Sha was identified as the president of ANSAM. “This incident is not the first of its kind committed by personnel of Assam Rifles in the recent past; Major Yadav, an officer posted at Senapati has been constantly harassing and intimidating volunteers of ANSAM. Such incidents are a direct mockery of the slogan of Assam Rifles, “Friends of the Hill People”. ANSAM is shocked that if such abuses can be perpetrated with impunity on a public leader of the Nagas, what worse treatment must be meted out to the public,” ANSAM said.

In this regard, ANSAM organised a public meeting at Police Point, the heart of Senapati where thousands of people attended. Further, a joint protest memo on the incident has been served by ANSAM, the Senapati District Women’s Association and SDSA.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao