KLO/KLA warns Shonmang [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal. October 25: The Kuki Liberation Organization / Kuki Liberation Army (KLO/KLA) on Tuesday has warned a person, who is allegedly attempting to mislead the people in NC Hills, Assam using the name of the group with a motive to break up the organization, to surrender before the group or face the most extreme punishment.
The statement came when Alien Kuki, Secretary Information and Publicity KLO/KLA was talking to journalists while meeting at the group’s GHQ Gamnom camp in Sadar Hills, Senapati district Tuesday.

He said last week, a press statement was issued by a group of deserters in the name of KLO/KLA in some local dailies, including electronic media in NC Hills, Assam, which declared their domination areas without any knowledge of the party.

“There are no other KLO/KLA cadres in the areas except the one which is functioning from GHQ, Gamnom camp”, Alien Kuki insisted.
Confirming that those who issued the press statement were deserters of KLO/KLA, Alien Kuki said these people would not be allowed to do anything in the name of the party.

He further warned that the mastermind behind the plot trying to break up the organization and suppress the  Kuki Inpi NC hills and Indigenous People Forum (IPF), namely Shonmang Changsan, who have never been a member in the group should stop all the activities that he has been pursuing.

“Shonmang should surrender to KLO/KLA on or before October 31, Alien Kuki warned and added that the group will award him the severe punishment and even his family will not be speared if he fails to surrender.

He said KLO/KLA has been working in the interest of the people; likewise we will keep on supporting the Kuki Inpi and IPF. He also appealed to the general public not to move by the so called deserters and asserted that those who had fled or ran away from the party should not be supported by the people. “If someone is found helping them, then KLO/KLA will take the person (s) as our enemy”, he reiterated.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao