RPF casts doubts on surrender programmes [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, Oct 25: The proscribed UG group RPF today expressed their suspicion that the India Government and the state government have been joining hands in organizing fake surrender programmes by producing the same persons and the same weapons again and again in every surrender programmes they had ever organised.
In a press statement, Secretary Publicity of the organisation T Leishemba questioned the reason behind the covering of the faces of the surrendered persons. If it is to ensure their personal security, then this will not be of any use since the concerned parties or organisations know better who they are, if they are really their cadres. If it is for social discrimination which they are likely to face after they lead normal life, then it is also unreasonable as it might not be a right decision for them to surrender if they fear possible discrimination.

It is a well known fact how the security forces used the same weapon on different incidents of fake encounter. Even some advocates have challenged them for the same reason, it added. While expressing suspicion over the persons who surrendered in many such programmes, the RPF called them fake UG cadres who staged such roles for some mere benefits. It also expressed serious concern over the increasing crimes in the state which affects the society severely.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao