UN’s B’day : RPF details genesis [The Sangai Express]

Contd from previous issue IMPHAL, Oct 25 : However, in Manipur captured revolutionary cadres are being treated in the most inhuman manner by the Indian military against all international laws and UN principles, alleged RPF.

By creating a situation of emergency, the Government of India has been deploying a huge military force in Manipur equipped with the most sophisticated weapons who have been indulging in all kinds of human rights violation including extra judicial killings in their attempt to suppress the liberation movement, it alleged.

It is not only the UN Charter, ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and ICESCR (International   Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) also endorsed the Right to Self Determination.

According to the Article 40 of the ICCPR 1966, the Government of India has not been furnishing its second report on human rights.

Again the second report submitted by India in 1991 to ICCPR’s first article regarding the right to self determination read, “Replying to question on the scope of India’s reservation to Article I of the Covenant, the representative stressed that territorial integrity and sovereignty had to be the basis of the right to self determination. The term ‘self determination’ did not apply to citizens within Indian territory but rather only to those living outside the territory of India under foreign domination”.

But its third submitted report in 1995 was shrouded with obscurities. It said that right to self determination should be upheld but ‘people’ and ‘self’ need to be defined first. Right to self determination from the historical perspective and that it should not disturb the territory of India.

Though the Government of India stated that all nations should uphold the right to self determination, New Delhi has been acting in self contradictory manner.

In the context of Manipur, the liberation movement is based on historical facts and quite justified.

Before 1949 there was no case where Manipur was under Indian domination or vice-versa.

It would be in the fitness of things to initiate de-colonisation process at the earliest to redo the fait accompli committed in 1949, RPF asserted.

Beyond such de-colonisation process which has not yet been initiated, there is a need to make the liberation movement of Manipur a leading movement by 2050 for around 50 nations who are struggling for independence using all available means and resources.

Source: The Sangai Express


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