Locals inaugurate Khurai Salan Bridge without govt officials [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 26: The locals of Khurai Lairikyengbam and Nandeibam Leikai inaugurated the long completed Khurai Salan Bridge today in the absence of any concern government officials.

The bridge built on the Imphal River is the only way through which a person of Khurai Lairikyengbam can cross over to Khurai Nandeibam Leikai. The people of both the locality have time and again pressed the government to inaugurate the bridge which have been completed two months back to and hand it over to the public.

As the concern authority paid no heed to their request, the locals were forced to inaugurate the bridge without any government officials, in the interest of the public, said the locals.

Speaking to reporters, the locals said that the people of Leirikyengbam Leikai mainly the students while trying to cross over to Lamlong bazaar find it really hard in crossing the old diversion bridge which is all badly damaged. Above this, the road along the river side leading towards Lamlong bazaar is also in very bad condition with one side of the road tilted towards the river. Written complaints have been made to the Works Minister, local MLA, PHED Minister and all other concern officials to inaugurate the bridge. It has also appealed through the local media to do the needful before October 26. Since nothing has been done so far, people of both the localities formally inaugurated the bridge today along with all the required rituals.



Source: Hueiyen Lanpao