MU security guard physically abuses girl student [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 27: Students of Manipur University once again faced harassment from ill-mannered security personnel right inside the university campus.

A drunken security guard of Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) posted at the Main Gate of Manipur University today physically abused a student girl of third semester of mass communication department.

According to the victim, the incident happened at around 1 pm when she along with one of her friend came out of their classroom to receive her cousin brothers who came to the university for submitting the application form of National Eligibility Test (NET). However, the security personnel at the main gate prevented her brothers from entering the campus even after showing them necessary documents.

She argued with the security guards as to why her brothers were prevented from entering the campus when others are allowed to enter the campus by depositing their identity cards with the security guards at the main gate.

Her friend also joined in the argument. The security personnel later allowed her brothers to enter the campus, but the guard began to taunt her asking unrelated questions about her brothers while they were signing in the entry book.

She scolded the guard for asking nonsense questions to her. The security guard then pushed her on her chest and tried to hit her. In feat of anger and humility, the victim also tried to slap the ill-mannered guard.

On hearing the news of physical abuse to a girl student, the students of Manipur University gathered at the mass communication department and strongly protested against the conduct of ill-mannered security guards.

The vice-chancellor of the university, Prof HNK Sarma, registrar N Lokendra and dean of School of Social Sciences, Prof Amar Yumnam came to pacify the irate students.

The university officials also took the statement of both the victim and the accused security guard. The vice-chancellor further assured to the students of taking up necessary action against the erring security guard.

The victim student was also examined by a medical team of the university after she became emotionally disturbed in the aftermath of the incident.

One student of mass communication department told IFP stated that such incidents had happened many times in the past. The security personnel have been giving torments to the students rather than ensuring a peaceful academic environment at Manipur University.

The university authorities should take the matter of abusing girl student seriously and report the mater to the highest authority, he enjoined.

Source: Imphal Free Press

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Monitoring cell for student’s union election constituted [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 24: With a view to bring about a free and fair election in the College Students Union’s election 2011-12, AMSU, MSF, DESAM, KSA, SWAK and SUK have formed a Monitoring Cell of the College Students Union Election 2011-12.
Speaking at a press conference, Dipanjit, Secretary General, AMSU said that the Monitoring Cell has been formed primarily to project student leaders who are sincere and works for the welfare of the student’s community. It has also been formed to check the use of money power in student’s election. The code of conduct and guidelines will come into force from October 29.

According to the guidelines the candidates are allowed to campaign for the election only inside the college campus. No tea parties can be held and no gifts related with election can be given. Study tours, picnics and charity shows have been banned till the completion of the election process. Apart from this, all kinds of intoxicants are banned in relation with the election, he said.

He further said that debating competition and symposiums will also be conducted for the candidates to bring out the best in them.
Leaders of AMSU, MSF, DESAM, SUK, KSA and SWAK were also present at the press conference.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao