Planning Department gets a new building [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 27: The newly constructed building of the Planning Department, with an estimated cost of Rs 2.9 crores was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, O Ibobi at Babupara today.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister O Ibobi said that the Planning Department is the only department concerned with the development programmes which will determine the future of the state. Employees who are sincere in their work are required.

He further went on to say that the funds allocated for a particular project needs to be used up in the right time. For the present financial year, there are many departments who have not submitted their utilization certificates (UC). They should submit it at the right time so as not to create any problem in applying for the next plan proposal. Work proposal and UC should be passed to the Ministry at the right time to avoid any unwanted problems. He also assured that the shortage of staffs in the Planning Department will be looked into and recruitment process will be done.

Delivering the Presidential speech, Bijoy Koijam, Deputy Chairman, State Planning Board, said that the Planning Department is the backbone of the state. All developments programmes are first discussed and planned in the department and later taken up. To develop the state, the state needs to give special priority to the Planning department. Chief Secretary, DS Poonia was also present on the occasion.
BJP launches fish fair: The BJP Fisherman Cell launched a Fish Fair on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba at its party office at Nityaipat Chuthek today.

Speaking to media persons at the sidelines of the fair, Shantikumar Sharma, Party President, said that the BJP Fisherman cell was established primarily to help in reducing the huge amount of money drained out of the state in procuring fish from other states.

He further went on to say that in every household in the state, on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba, a fish curry is being prepared. To provide fish at a reasonable rate, the BJP Fish Farmers Cell is organizing the fair where fishes are sold at the government rate. This will certainly help in reducing the amount of money spent on transporting fish from other states.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


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Ningol Chakkouba greetings [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 27: Governor Gurbachan Jagat and Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh led others in extending warm greetings to the people of the State on the joyous occassion of Ningol Chakkouba.

In his message, Gurbachan Jagat said that the festival rejuvenates family ties and strengthens the bond of love and affection, mainly between married women and their brothers which ultimately help in preserving and promoting unity and integrity in the society.

The Governor also expressed hope that the festival would be celebrated in true spirit with the involvement of people from different communities.

O Ibobi Singh in his message said, Ningol Chakkouba reinforces the fraternal and protective bond exists between brothers and sisters and parents and daughters since time immemorial.

Though the festival is originally observed by the Meitei community, the celebration has now extended to other communities of the State thereby promoting unity and emotional integration in the State, the Chief Minister added.

O Ibobi said, “Let us imbibe the ideals associated with the festival to foster the spirit of amity, harmony and goodwill in our lives.”

Greeting the people of the State, MPCC President Gaikhangam said, the festival brings communal harmony in the State as it is now celebrated by hill and valley people together. He also wished the festival brings peace, development, communal harmony and prosperity in the State.

Manipur State Janata Party and All Manipur Rickshaw Drivers’ and Pullers’ Welfare Association have also greeted the people of the State on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba.

Source: The Sangai Express


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Moreh to petition CM [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 27 : Obser-ving that Moreh hospital is unable to function like a hospital while construction work at Moreh Gate No 2 is not satisfactory at all, community leaders of Moreh have decided to lodge complaints with the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary.

Though a number of equipment and machines have been installed in Moreh hospital since October 27, the hospital has been unable to function properly.

This matter and other issues were deliberated at length during a meeting of community leaders of Moreh at the office of Hill Tribal Council this morning.

The meeting decided to appeal to the Chief Minister to make Moreh hospital worthy of being a hospital.

Though ultrasound machine was installed in the hospital recently in addition to X-Ray machine and operation theatre already installed there, none of these machines have been ever put to use.

The meeting discussed the inconveniences faced by denizens of Moreh when nurses and Grade IV employees posted in Moreh Hospital left their stations.

It agreed on urging the Government to recruit locals as Nurses and Grade    IV employees for the hospital.

The meeting also hailed the initiatives taken up by the Government to ensure free  movement of transporters along Imphal-Moreh highway in the backdrop of the ongoing blockade and counter-blockade.

Deliberating on the need to enhance trade volume between Imphal and Moreh in view of the protracted blockades on highways connecting Manipur with other States, the community leaders decided to urge the Government to make necessary arrangements so that vehicles can leave Imphal for Imphal and vice-versa between  7 am and 12 noon everyday in place of the existing one-way system.

Another resolution of the meeting was increasing the number of security personnel detailed for ROP duty on Imphal-Moreh highway.

Regarding the construction work of Moreh Gate No 2 which would be an important gateway to Myanmar and beyond, the meeting decided to submit a memorandum to the Chief Secretary so that the gate is constructed strictly according to guidelines without any compromise on its qualitative aspect.

The meeting was attended by Hill Tribal Council president Jamang Haokip, Meetei Council Moreh president N Pulindro, Manipur Muslim Council  Moreh president Md Hussain, Tamil Sangam general secretary Ravichandran and leaders of Bihari and Gorkha community leaders.

Source: The Sangai Express


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Utilisation rate remains low [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 27 : A newly constructed building of the Planning Department was inaugurated today by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi.The new building was constructed by the Manipur Development Society at the cost of Rs 2.59 crores.

Speaking at the occasion, Ibobi stated that utilisation rate of the plan amount remained low as many departments were still unable to finalise work programmes for the current financial year.

Highlighting the crucial role being played by Planning Department in the overall development of the State, Ibobi asserted that there was an urgent need to recruit more competent and qualified staff in the department.

Although plan outlay for the current fiscal was fixed before March this year following which full budget  was also passed, some departments were still unable to finalise their work programmes thereby seriously impeding utilisation of the plan amount, Ibobi stated.

Noting that neither utilisation certificates nor detailed project reports were furnished in time, the Chief Minister directed the Planning Department to ensure that all utilisation certificates and detailed project reports were submitted in time.

Observing that the newly constructed building of the Planning Department was neat and suave like a hotel or mall, Ibobi wished that the ambience of the structure may help in discovering novel and great ideas for advancement of Manipur. State Planning Board Deputy Chairman Bijoy Koijam decried that Planning Department was not taken with any serious-ness by other departments though Planning was playing crucial role in the overall planning for development of the State.

Chief Secretary DS Poonia said that Planning Department started as a small cell in 1970’sown.

Source: The Sangai Express


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Khuga dam JAC alleges minister of unbecoming behaviour; minister clarifies [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 25: The Joint Action Committee on Khuga Dam Project, Churachandpur district in a statement jointly signed by Lalpu Hangsing, chairman of the JAC and Lun S. Gangte secretary JAC, claimed that on October 24 the JAC was left utterly shocked and disappointed beyond expression by the rude and unbecoming behaviour of IFCD minister N. Biren at his official residence.

The minister however flatly denied this and said he had only asked for a free and healthy discussion with the party in his office.

The release however claimed that the JAC members led by its chairman, went to submit a memorandum in connection with the pending bills of contractors engaged in Khuga Dam construction and compensation to villagers affected by the project however the minister not only denied to receive the memorandum but also yelled at his security guards for letting the members enter his quarters.

It further said the miniser has failed on all fronts to oversee and administer his responsibiity and could spare no time to discuss issues related to Khuga Dam. Besides, the pending bills and compensations till date speak much volume, it asserted.

Drawing the attention of the Chief Minister to intervene into the matter, the JAC also informed to vigorously pursue its demands until it is realized.

Meanwhile, minister N. Biren, talking to IFP on the matter of allegation made against him clarified that he in good faith only informed his security guards to convey the visitors to come and discussed any matter relating to the department at his office chamber and not at his residence.

He also appealed any individuals or groups not to politicize and sensationalize the issue unnecessarily.

Source: Imphal Free Press

SHDDC takes a U turn on talk Govt’s assurance of ‘after election’ fails to cut ice, stir to intensify [The Sangai Express]

Members of SHDDC and other civil society organisations arrive to meet the CM last night (Oct 23)

Members of SHDDC and other civil society organisations arrive to meet the CM last night (Oct 23)

IMPHAL, Oct 24 : Even as a Ministerial team was waiting for a dialogue with Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) today, none of the committee members turned up for the scheduled dialogue.
Talking to The Sangai Express, SHDDC general secretary Tonghen Kipgen   informed that a meeting of the committee was held today and it decided not to go for the dialogue as the committee has lost whatever faith it reposed in the Government on account of its repeated failure to fulfil its assurances given earlier including last night’s meeting.

Meanwhile, a press release issued by SHDDC informed that the ongoing economic blockade on the two National Highways would be intensified even during and after the elections.

Public rallies within Sadar Hills and general strikes throughout the State would be organised to press the Government for realisation of the demand for districthood.

As decided earlier, all Government functions, election campaigns and all forms of electioneering would remain banned in Sadar Hills, it conveyed.

SHDDC members held a meeting with the Chief Minister last night in the presence of representatives of several civil society organisations.

The meeting which went on till late night was terminated after the two sides agreed to continue the meeting at 3 pm today.

As agreed last night, the Chief Minister, some Cabinet Ministers, the Chief Secretary and other high-ranking Government offi- cials were waiting for the SHDDC members this afternoon.

On being enquired by The Sangai Express about the failure of the SHDDC members to turn up, Tonghen Kipgen informed that the committee decided to skip the meeting as they have no more faith in the Government.

To another query, the general secretary disclosed that Chief Minister O Ibobi asked for six months after the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly elections in response to their appeal for declaring Sadar Hills a full fledged district before the elections.

It was not only yesterday’s assurance, many other similar assurances given earlier were never put into action, Tonghen said.

Keeping faith in the State Government’s assurance to grant district status to Sadar Hills after inauguration of Kangpokpi mini- secretariat, the SHDDC waited for two years.

But after completion of the mini-secretariat complex, the Government was only buying more and more time.

It was such dilly-dallying tactics of the Govern- ment which compelled the SHDDC to launch the present phase of agitation.

The Chief Minister gave another assurance to initiate the official process of declaring Sadar Hills a full fledged district after the Committee on Reorganisation of Administrative Police Boundaries submit its report after two months.

Though the committee has completed two months, nothing substantial has been taken up by the Government towards fulfilling the long cherished demand of Sadar Hills people, Tonghen lamented.

Such continuous betrayal by the Chief Minister has only robbed the people off whatever faith they had in the assurances given by the Government.

As the committee too has little faith in the Government, it decided not to go for the scheduled meeting with the Government.

On the other hand, the committee during the meeting with Government last night, proposed creation three more sub-divisions in addition to the existing three sub-divisions of Sadar Hills.

The newly proposed sub-divisions were T Waichong sub-division (to be separated from Kangpokpi sub-division), Changningpokpi sub-division (to be created from Saikul sub-division) and Kangchup-Geljang sub-division (to be separated from Saitu-Gamphazol sub-division).

Source: The Sangai Express

SHDDC talk fails to materialise [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL October 24 : Post talks between the SHDDC and the Chief Minister yesterday, the public hopes that the scheduled talk between the two sides which was supposed to be held today may have a positive outcome fell short.

The proposed meeting failed to take place despite the assurance given by SHDDC general secretary Tonghen Kipgen to media persons late last night.

A press release signed by Tonghen Kipgen and president of SHDDC Ngamkhohao stated that even after seven rounds of talk with the Chief Minister, the Manipur government is still not able to come out with any concrete decision to inaugurate Sadar Hills as a full-fledged autonomous district which has been pending for the last 40 years.

It further stated that the Chief Minister on August 25 and September 1, had assured the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee that he will fulfill the demand within a period of two months, even though the state cabinet has formed a Committee on Re-organisation of Administrative and Police District Boundaries with a term of three months.

The Chief Minister himself has time and again promised before the media that he will solve the problem of Sadar Hills within two months starting from August amidst hopes and expectations for the Sadar Hills people. However, the Chief Minister has not translated his own words into action and his silent stand testifies his insincerity and wavering mind, it added.

Accordingly, the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee has resolved to continue with the economic blockade along the two national highways with more intensity. Furthermore, public rallies within Sadar Hills and general strikes throughout the state will be organised to press the government for realisation of the demand for districthood. As decided earlier, all government functions, election campaigns and all forms of electioneering still continue to be banned in Sadar Hills, it said.

The SHDDC also resolved to earnestly appeal to the people of Manipur and State Level Kut Committee not to organise Kut celebration on the 1st November 2011 and desist from organising the celebration in all the hill districts of Manipur, particularly in Sadar Hills.

It further voiced its regret that the auspicious occasion of Kut celebration could neither be participated nor organised by the Sadar Hills people in all its solemnity and gaiety.

It further expresses regret to the public for causing hardships due to the prolonged economic blockade which it said is due to misgovernance and the indifferent attitude of the state government towards the people of Sadar Hills for 40 years, the statement concluded.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Late night SHDDC talk with Chief Minister remains inconclusive [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, Oct 23: A team led by SHDDC general secretary Tonghem Kipgen and Co-ordinating committee of various valley-based civil organizations, convenor Sunil Karam late in the evening at around 10 pm met with the Chief Minister and submitted a memorandum containing the resolutions taken up by the SHDDC and various other valley based CSOs at Kangpokpi recently.

However, the late night meeting which ended at around 11:45 pm remained inconclusive.

Speaking to media persons, Tonghem Kipgen informed that the team will meet the Chief Minister again tomorrow at 3pm.

On being asked about the sufferings of the people of the state due to the prolonged economic blockade imposed along the national highways, he appealed to the people of the state to bear with the people of the Sadar Hills for a little bit longer.

He also informed that the committee will take its agitation to the next level incase of failure on the part of the government to bring an amicable solution on the issue during tomorrow’s meeting.

Source: Imphal Free Press

More muscle power for State Fire Service [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 23 : To add more muscle to the State Fire Service, 18 Advanced Water Tenders, two Foam Tenders and nine Rapid Response Vehicles (Water Mist Technology) have been added to the existing fire fighting equipments while plans are on to dig multi-purpose ponds near the Fire Service Stations spread out across the nine districts of the State.
The new fire fighting equipments and machi-neries were procured under funds from the Special Planning Assistance as well as with funds from the Union Home Ministry.

Chief Minister O Ibobi informed this during the flag off ceremony of Advanced Water Tenders and Rapid Response Vehicles held at the headquarters of the State Fire Service at Imphal today.

Stressing on the need to put affective fire fighting units in the hill districts and sub-divisions, the Chief Minister said that priorities ought to be given to these far flung places when allotting the newly acquired machineries.

Additional man power will be inducted to suit the induction of the new vehicles before the next Assembly election, said the Chief Minister and added that a new building for the fire Service Headquarters will be also be built.

The Manipur Development Society has also been instructed to construct multi-purpose ponds near Fire Stations and Sub-stations in the hill districts, said the Chief Minister further.

The Chief Minister also flagged off the newly acquired Advanced Water Tenders and Rapid Response Vehicles headed for the fire stations and sub-stations at Thoubal, Sugnu, Kakching, Chandel, Moreh, Mayang Imphal, Bishnupur, Moirang, Churachandpur, Ukhrul, Kangpokpi, Senapati, Tamenglong and Jiribam.

Incidentally this was the first time that a Chief Minister had addressed a function at the premise of the State Fire Service.

Delivering the welcome address, Director of Fire Service, L Noren said that the addition of the new fire fighting vehicles and equipments will go a long way in addressing the problems faced by the State Fire Service across the nine districts.

Stating that the Rapid Response Vehicle is manufactured in Germany and is the latest international model, Noren said that its fire fighting capabilities are ten fold greater and more effective than the previously used vehicles.

Since Manipur falls on the five seismic zones identified across the world, there is the need to upgrade the vehicles as well as strengthen the man power to face any eventuality in case of any disaster, said Noren.

Planning and Development Authority  (PDA)  Chairman MLA Dr N Loken attended the function as president.

Source: The Sangai Express


18 cadres of various UG outfits surrender, society should wholeheartedly adopt them: Chief Minister [Hueiyen Lanpao]

An UG cadre surrendering his arms to the CM O. Ibobi


Imphal, October 20: Eighteen cadres of different UG groups including 18 cadres of KNLF, two cadres of PREPAK and one each of UNLF, PLA, KCP, PRA and UPPK surrendered with arms and ammunitions to the state government today at a formal ceremony held at the HQ IGAR (South), Mantripukhri today.

The cadres who surrendered to the government today along with arms and ammunitions are Captain Lunkholal Lalboi Haokip alias Paominlen, s/o late Holmang Haokip of ward number 1 Moreh, Defence PRO Holkam, s/o Tilkosei of Songjei CCpur, Private Jamkholen Khongsai alias Lalen, s/o Thangkhulun Khongsai of Waing, Tubung, Pvt Jongkhohao Vaiphei alias HP, s/o late Helkhosei Vaiphei of ward number 6 Moreh, Cpl Letminthang mate alias Garngam,s/o Zamkhothong Mate of Joupi Chandel, Pvt Thangjapao haokip alis Golngei, s/o Shemkhoulun Haokip of Tubuong, Pvt Thangpao Mate s/o jamkholet Mate of Zoujang Moreh, Pvt Shonlen alias Lendou, s/o late Vumjathang of Vihipijang, Sugnu, Chandel, Rect Officer Thangminieu Baite alias Minlken, s/o Hollet Baite of K Sabi, Sugnu, Chandel, Pvt Lialpu Mate, s/o Ngamkhojang Kuki of Sahumphai, Sugnu and Lt Lhunthong Baite, s/o Jithong baite of Ksabi, Sugnu of KNLF.

Lance Cpl M Jagat, s/o M Ibocha of Nachao Mayai Leikai, Bishnupur of KCP, Pvt Longjam Ratan, s/o Lokendro of Toubal Awang Leikai, Bishnupur of UNLF, L Cpl Hemam Enao, s/o Hemam Angou of Moirang Khunou, Bishnupur of UPPK, Sgt Major Herojit, s/o Thingbaijam Rajmani of Leirikyengbam Leikai, Imphal East of PREPAK, Cpl Jayanta alias Taton, s/o M Biramangol of Wangkhei Ayangpalli, Imphal East of PLA and Pvt Apu Kon, s/o late Pon Kom of Mantak, Kakching of PRA.

The 18 cadres surrendered with four AK 56 Rifles, two AK 47 Rifles, six 9mm Pistols, three .32mm Pistols, one 7.6mm Pistol, 2inch Mortar, one M-16 Rifle, a Radio set and a large amount of ammunition and magazines.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister O Ibobi said that just bringing the misguided youths back top the mainstream would be futile if follow up is not done on their rehabilitation. The surrenderees should be taken care of and wholeheartedly adopted by the society so that they don’t lose hope and get discouraged.

The Chief Minister further urged the authorities of AR and the Army to take initiative for such rehabilitation under their military civic action programmes. He also assured that maximum efforts would be put in for proper rehabilitation of the UG cadres who have shunned the path of violence.

He further went on to say that the struggle based on the ethnic identities coupled with the problem of economic development has posed serious constraints in the state. The continued blockade on NHs has created scarcity of essential commodities. The government has been trying to improve the living standard of the people through various developmental programmes. However due to several disturbances and impediments, people are still unable to enjoy the benefits of development programmes.

No government can bring about a change without the support of the people. While each and every communities may pursue their legitimate aspirations, there should not be any compromise on certain core developmental issues which touch the life of each and every individual, he added.
Bijoy Koijam, Deputy Chairman, State Planning Board, DGP Y Joykumar, Major General UK Gurung, IGAR (South) and Kailun, DIG/SP, Imphal West were also present at the surrender ceremony. It may be noted that altogether 206 cadres of different UG groups have surrendered to IGAR (South) since April last year.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao