ECI assures of conducting election in one go [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 25: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has assured that the forthcoming State Assembly Election will be conducted in one go and there will also be video coverage of all the polling stations in the state.
Speaking to media persons at a press conference, Shantikumar Sharma, BJP, Manipur Pradesh, said that in a meeting convened yesterday between the leaders of BJP, Manipur Pradesh and members of ECI, the party had submitted a memorandum to ECI through its member, Bermma, demanding deployment of paramilitary force only in the 10th State Assembly Election, video coverage of all the polling stations during the election to control any unwanted incident from happening during election,  make the SoO signatories to stay in the designated camps during the election and also to control the use of money to woo the voters during the election.

After a thorough review of the memorandum submitted by the BJP, Manipur Pradesh, the delegates of ECI said that all the proposals are genuine and it should be put into practice. Elections if held in the hills and the plains in different phases will not only create a huge problem but also increase the number of double voting practices in the state. As such the ECI has assured them that elections will be done on a single day, he said.

In a proposal made by the BJP, Manipur Pradesh regarding video coverage of sensitive polling stations, the ECI delegates said that there is nothing as hyper sensitive, sensitive or normal; all polling station will be given video coverage. The delegates of ECI will also meet the Home Department with regard to make the SoO signatories to strictly stay in their designated camps during elections so as to check them from dictating on the issue of election in the state.

However, he said they were not satisfied with Prime Minister Manmohon Singh’s remarks when he said that the Central Government was considering the proposal of BJP leader Sushma Swaraj for a visit to Manipur by leaders of all political parties headed by him. It is very unfortunate on the part of the Prime Minister that no response came from his side when the BJP National Leaders enquired about the ongoing economic blockade in Manipur, where the majority of the people are suffering.

Vice President of BJP, Manipur Pradesh, Tiken said that in almost all the 20 assembly segments of the hill districts of the state, the majority of voters have not been getting the opportunity to cast their votes in favour of any party or candidate of their choice for the last 60 years, as such the party has urged the ECI to deploy Central forces in the election to the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly in place of state forces and demanded installation of video cameras in all the hypersensitive polling booths in the valley.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao



CEO to probe double voting [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 25: The double voting right which is being enjoyed, illegally by the people of Manipur, both in the hills and plains, for quite a long time, will finally be looked into by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Manipur.
According to official sources from the Manipur State Election Office, the CEO has started probing into the illegal double voting rights enjoyed by some people of the state. The double voting rights came to be enjoyed by the people since election in the hills and the plains was always carried out in two phases. Double voting is enjoyed mostly by the people who live both in the hills and the plains. They caste their votes in the hills and then come down to the plains and caste their votes there as well.

The double voting right is also being enjoyed mainly due to the inability of the concern authority to find out the numbers of people enjoying double citizenship during the 2011 population survey. This is also the main reason for the increase in population of certain areas, the source said. The official source further said that under the supervision of the CEO, one observer each will be deployed in every district to correct the electoral rolls. Even in this process there has been no discussion on the issue of double voting. If this problem is solved then the exact number of voters in a constituency where double voting has been taking place can be found out.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


BJP urges for one-day polling [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 25 : The BJP Manipur State unit has urged the Election Commission of India to conduct the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly elections on a single day for both the hills and valley, and also to use only central paramilitary forces.
After apprising Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on the prevailing  situation in Manipur, BJP State unit president Sh Shantikumar, vice-president Prof S Tiken and the State secretary called on the Chief Election Commissioner in-charge Verma yesterday and submitted a five-point memorandum.

Addressing a press conference at their office here today, Shantikumar and Prof Tiken conveyed that the ECI in-charge Verma gave the assurance to put in all possible efforts to translate into action all the points of the memorandum.

The main points of the memorandum were holding elections in both the hills and valley on the same day, and deploying only central paramilitary forces in all polling stations.

Video coverage of all polling stations, initiating prompt legal action against wrong-doers, confinement of all UG cadres who have signed pacts with the Government in their respective designated camps and effective control on spending monumental amounts in the elections were other points of the memorandum, they said.

Conveying about the ECI’s assurance to put in maximum efforts to translate all these points into action, the BJP leaders said that they also urged the ECI to transfer all Government employees away from their parent districts, and also  to collect all licensed as well as illegal guns ahead of the elections.

By conducting polling on the same day, the practice of casting votes twice or more by a single voter can be checked in addition to preventing political leaders from campaigning at different places.

The polling can be made free and fair by conducting it on the same day.

Talking about their meeting with the Prime Minister together with BJP central leaders, Shantikumar and Tiken said that they urged the Prime Minister to look into the pathetic condition of Imphal-Jiribam highway and BRO’s slackness in implementing the highway development work.

To a proposal for setting up a high-power, all party committee to collect first hand account of the prevailing in situation in Manipur, the Prime Minister only said, “Let’s see”.

Nevertheless, the BJP leaders exuded that the Prime Minister would certainly do something to address the situation.

Source: The Sangai Express

Cabinet sub committee meeting decides to submit assets and liabilities of ministers [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 25: The second meeting of state cabinet sub-committee for the adoption of revised code of ministers held today under the chairmanship of minister law and legislative affairs Th Devendra Singh at his office chamber has decided to make it convenient to submit the assets and liabilities of the ministers to the committee before the 10th Legislative Assembly Election.

It may be mentioned that the sub-committee was formed as per the ruling of the Supreme Court in an all India pattern.

The committee also decided that the report consisting of the assets and liabilities of the minister should be submitted to the committee first and then the cabinet will take a final decision before submitting the final report to the Prime Minister.

The meeting was attended by agriculture minister Ph Parijat, PHED and tourism minister TN Haokip, health minister L Jayentakumar, IFCD minister N Biren who were the members and also joint secretary cabinet and convenor of the committee, Sumanta Singh and Y Rameshchandra Singh, secretary law and legislative affairs, government of Manipur.

Source: Imphal Free Press

BJP submits memorandum to ECI to ensure free and fair state poll [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 25: Bharatiya Janta Party, Manipur Pradesh has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Election Commissioner of India urging him to ensure free and fair poll in the upcoming 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election.

Addressing media persons today at the office of BJP Manipur Pradesh, state president Sh. Shantikumar stated that a delegate of state BJP met Election Commission of India (ECI) officials in New Delhi yesterday and later submitted a memorandum to him earnestly entreating him to take up adequate steps to ensure the forthcoming election in the state a free and fair election.

“The BJP delegate was satisfied with the assurance given by ECI officials on their demand”, Shantikumar said.

However, he said they were not satisfied with Prime Minister Manmohon Singh’s remarks when he said that the Central Government was considering the proposal of BJP leader Sushma Swaraj for a visit to Manipur by leaders of all political parties headed by him.

In the memo, the party said the sanctity of democracy cannot be maintained due to lack of taking up certain measures to provide free and fair election in the state by the ECI for the last several decades because the so called election in the state is almost converted to be a dirty game of auction of voters by the so called electoral players of voting games.

Impersonation, booth capturing reaches its peak somewhere in the state and voting is over before 24 hours ahead of the poll hour, BJP alleged.

The party said in almost all the 20 assembly segments of the hill districts of the state, the majority of voters have not been getting the opportunity to cast their votes in favour of any party or candidate of their choice for the last 60 years.

“Their franchise have been fortified and they are bound to obey the dictates of the underground organizations or the civil societies which work in tune with the agenda of undergrounds for several decades”, BJP alleged.

In the polling booths of valley districts also, impersonation or booth capturing in almost all the hypersensitive booths which are considered home polls of candidates have a usual phenomenon, it said, adding that the state forces are sometimes used as ‘political police’ by the ruling party in the state for getting its party candidates elected in the State assembly Election.

The party also urged the ECI to deploy Central forces in the election to the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly in place of state forces and demanded installation of video cameras in all the hypersensitive polling booths in the valley.

It further demanded that the militants or cadres of the underground groups with whom the Government of India having cease fire agreement or Suspension of Operation (SoO) be strictly instructed to stay in their respective designated camps so as to check them dictate over the issue of election in the state.

Some special measures be taken up to check the extraordinary role of money in the election behind the screen which may be considered hidden power to woo the voters, BJP further urged the ECI.

Source: Imphal Free Press

80,000 Security Forces for States polling [The Sangai Express]

New Delhi, Oct 18: Around 80,000 paramilitary personnel, apart from state policemen, would be deployed during the multi-phased Assembly elections in five states early next year.

The Election Commission has asked the Home Ministry to get ready to provide 700 to 800 companies (70,000-80,000 person- nel) of paramilitary forces to be deployed in Uttar Pra-desh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur to conduct the Assembly polls to be held between March and May 2012.

The EC request came at a high-level meeting attend-ed by Chief Election Com- missioner SY Quraishi, two other Election Commissioners VS Sampath and HS Brahma, Union Home Secretary RK Singh, Secretary (Internal Security) UK Bansal and other senior officers, official sources said.

The EC also conveyed that since the polling would be held in several phases, the Home Ministry should prepare itself accordingly and make available the security personnel whenever required, the sources said.

The highest number of paramilitary personnel is expected to be deployed in po- litically sensitive Uttar Pra-desh, the country’s most populous state with 403 Assembly constituencies.

While Punjab, Uttara-khand and Goa saw rela- tively less number of violence in past elections, Manipur, which has been plagued by insurgency for a long time, may need heavy deployment of forces to ensure peaceful polling.

Source: The Sangai Express

Body on election – ‘People’s Campaign for Assembly Election 2012, Manipur Chapter’ formed [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 18: A group christened, People’s Campaign for Assembly Election 2012: Deciding our Destiny, Manipur chapter, was launched at Khwairamband bazar, Imphal today.

A small group of concerned citizens, men and women, old and young took an oath of allegiance to initiate the campaign in the State, said a press release.

The campaign was also simultaneously launched across the country in metro cities by groups of concerned citizens from Manipur including students, professors, employees in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Jalandhar etc for a collective effort in the campaign prior to the Assembly election 2012.

The aim of the campaign is to hold political class accountable to the people while the campaign had several objectives including deliberation and dissemination of informed and purposeful understanding on issue of public importance in the light of the election, added the press release.

The group would also press the issues of public importance relevant in the election and organise mass contact programmes with citizens in order to deepen public consciousness and awareness, it added.

Source: The Sangai Express


Daily News Digest – – 30 September 2011


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Hectic lobbying for ticket on, destination Delhi 2012 polls
An aerial view of the AICC office

 An aerial view of the AICC office

Aspiring candidates engaging in lobbying for Congress tickets have attained a high pitch and it has reached Delhi …

Website Highlight : – Chief Electoral Officer, Government of Manipur

CEO Manipur

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  • Your House Number (Go to your Electoral Roll, You can find your ‘House No’ in the same box)
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