Manipur to witness hunger strike on Ningol Chakkouba [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 27: Save Sharmila campaign, Jan Karwan launched by a group of human rights activists from Srinagar has reached Imphal this morning.

The rights activists also took out a rally from North AOC to the birthplace of Irom Sharmila at Kongal where a public meeting was also held at the ground of Amateur Athletics Association.

The delegation of 28 human rights activists was led by Ilabhan Patkar. They were planning to meet Irom Sharmila on October 28, however, the permission for meeting her was denied by the state authorities.

The Jan-Karwan team along with Sharmila Kanba Lup will hold one-day hunger strike tomorrow condemning the state government for not allowing them to meet Sharmila on Ningol Chakkouba-the biggest festival of women in Manipur, stated Irom Shingajit, brother of Sharmila.

A member of Jan-Karwan team, Fazal Khan stated that the draconian law AFSPA has been put into practice forcibly by the government despite campaigns for the repeal of AFSPA from the country.

The whole country will support Sharmila in her struggle for the repeal of the draconian law, he added.

The ‘Jan Karwan’ march was flagged off from Srinagar on October 16. Many social activists including team Anna member Medha Patkar, Magsaysay award winner Sandeep Pandey and human right activists from across the country took part in the flag off ceremony. The team has already covered more than 10 states.

On October 19 on reaching the national capital, the team along with its supporters mostly students organized a rally wherein they were allegedly attacked by ‘Aam Hindustani’ a right wing body injuring five students besides leading to the arrest of more than 100 other supporters

Source: Imphal Free Press

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Irom Sharmila Solidarity rally winds its way to Kanpur [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 21: The Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign Rally from Kashmir to Imphal, which was flagged off from Hajratbal, Srinagar on October 16, reached Kanpur last night.
Providing an update on the campaign rally from Kanpur, Irom Singjajit, brother of Sharmila informed that on arrival at Kanpur at around 8.40 pm yesterday, members of Servant for People Society welcomed the campaigners with lighted candles in hands and at around 10.30 am today, a mass meeting was held at Harihar Nath, Sashtri Bhavan.  Being supported by Asian Centre for Social Studies, NAPM, Asha Parivar, Yuva Koshish, Khudai Khidmatgar, ANHAD, INSAF, Manushi, Sadbhav Mission, Mission Bhartiyam, COVA, SAMAR, Le Sashale, WTCP, Society for Youth Development, Rights Initiative, Awam Ka Cinema, PEACE, Just Peace Foundation, J &K RTI Movement, Chinab Welfare & Education Society, Manila Chetna Kendra, CRSJS (Kerala), IRRT (Kashmir) SIO, Centre for Social Centre, etc with TwoCircles.Net as media partner, the campaign rally had been flagged off jointly by social activists Medha Patkar, Sandeep Pande and Singhajit from Hajratbal, Srinagar at around 2.30 pm on October 16.

The following day, at around 3 am, the campaigners were accorded warm welcome by the public who were waiting at Gurdwara. Jammu. At around 11 am of the same day, a meeting attended by around 200 people was held at Jammu University.

Leaving behind Jammu, the campaigners set out for Ludhiana, Punjab at around 2 pm. When they alighted from the train at around 7.30 pm, a large number of people were waiting for them at the railway station of Ludhiana with lighted candles in their hands. From the railway station, a rally was taken out till Raja Guru Sukhdev Singh Chowk, covering a distance of three and half kilometres.  After the rally, a press meet was convened there.

In the early morning of October 18, Prof Jagamohan Singh, grandson of Raja Guru Sukhdev Bhagat Singh, himself escorted the campaigners till the railway station for their journey ahead.

After passing through Ambala and Kurukshetra, the campaigners reached Taraori of Karnal at around 1 pm where members of Sarva Sewa Sangh, Haryana welcomed them. Later on, a press meet was held at Guru Tegbahadur Kanya Mahavidyalaya. After the press meet, Chairman of Sarva Sewa Sangh Mahavir Tyagi escorted the campaigners till Panipat in a 407 Tata. When the campaigners reached Bishkrama Mandir, another press meet was convened at around 8 pm.

After the press meet, Mahavir Tyagi left for Karnal while the campaigners for New Delhi in a local train in the early morning of October 19.
At around 10.30 am, the campaigners landed at New Delhi Railway Station where Kaushal Kishore and other members of Save Democracy: Repeal AFSPA Group were waiting to receive them.

After the campaigners took rest for a while at Kingsway Gandhi Ashram, preparations were being made for holding a meeting and taking out a rally in front the main gate of Delhi University when slogan shouting activists of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) threw stones, shoes, empty plastic bottles and ink at the campaigners. One girl from Assam was hit by a shoe flung by ABVP activists on her face. But the Delhi Police personnel, who were on duty in the area, remained watching the disruptive activities of the ABVP activists.  Instead the Delhi police detained around 30 members of Save Democracy: Repeal AFSPA Group on alleged charge of having no permission to hold meeting and take out rally. It was only after a large number of Delhi University students gathered and decried the conduct of Delhi police that all the detainees were set free.

At around 5 pm of the same day, a meeting was held in the main hall of IIT, Delhi. Later on, a similar meeting was also convened at Kaveri hostel, JNU at around 9 pm.

In the morning of October 21, the campaigners set out for Aligarh, where a mass rally attended by students of Aligarh Muslim University was taken out in the afternoon. After the rally, the campaigners headed for Kanpur at around 3 pm.

In their next leg of the rally, the campaigners would be heading to Lucknow. They would also visit Varanasi, Ranchi, Patna and Kolkata before arriving at Imphal.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


National meet resolves against AFSPA

 IMPHAL, Oct 11 : A National Convention on Grievances Redressal and Whistleblower Protection was held for two days on October 10 and 11 under the aegis of  the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information at Bluebells School,  New Delhi. 

The National convention adopted two resolutions regarding AFSPA and Irom Sharmila’s hunger strike besides many other resolutions on the issue of grievances redressal and Whistleblower Protection.

National Convention for People’s Right to Information is led by many prominent people including Aruna Roy.

The convention was participated by a number human rights activists and RTI activists from all over India. Human rights activist, Dr Binayak Sen has extended his support to the movement against AFSPA and Irom Sharmila’s unparalleled fast. The convention resolved that the  Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 should be repealed  and Irom Sharmila should be allowed to meet her family members and people without any restriction.

At the end of the program, many RTI activist extended their support to the campaign for Save Democracy, Repeal AFSPA and they also extended their support to the worldwide protest/fast and demonstration which would be held on November 5 this year all over India and some other foreign countries.

This world wide protest is being organized by the Save Democracy, Repeal AFSPA (Group) and their supporters as part of the observation of the 53 years people’s struggle and Irom Sharmila’s completing 11 years fast on November 5.

Source: The Sangai Express