Women agitators corner Work Minister at Kpi, asked to grant districthood then and there [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, October 27: A large number of women agitators detained Works Minister K Ranjit at Kangpokpi Bazar today insisting that the Minister cannot leave without giving his signature on a blank paper to the effect of granting district status to Sadar Hills.
The incident occurred at around 3.45 pm today. Minister Ranjit was returning along with other officials of PWD after inspecting the progress of the construction work on the Mini Secretariat complex, 50-bedded district hospital and guest house at Senapati, which are scheduled to be inaugurated by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on November 2, when around 1000 women agitators stopped the Minister and his team from proceeding towards Imphal at Kangpokpi Bazar.

According to information culled from the site of the incident, after detaining the Minister and his team, women agitators insisted the Minister sign on a paper stating that the demand for upgradation of Sadar Hills to a full-fledged revenue district has been granted. The Minister, however, refused.

Later on, leaders of Sadar Hills District Demand Committee (SHDDC) requested for a meeting with the Minister. During the meeting, the SHDDC leaders contended that since Minister Ranjit is trusted confidant of Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, the latter would not mind anything if the latter granted the district demand. However, Minister Ranjit made it cleared that he is not the only person who is running the government and there is the Council of Ministers.

The Minister further said that he has no objection to being detained if the agitators felt that the demand would be met at once.
As the agitators did not relent, the Minister and his team went back towards Senapati side again. After crossing a bridge, the Minister stopped his vehicle and informed the DGP of the road block.

Accordingly, the DGP dispatched a large team of Police Commandos from Imphal West, Imphal East and Bishnupur to bring back the Minister and team.

The police Commandos numbering around 100 were fully equipped with riot control equipments and were jointly led by Additional SP (Operation) of Imphal West Dr AK JHaljit and DSP Krishnatombi.

All along the way, the police commandos confronted agitators who were trying to block the road. A spokesperson of SHDDC has informed that a woman pharmacist sustained injuries in the action of the police commandos at Sapermeina one man had a broken leg in Kangpokpi.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


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Sadar Hills blockade supporters ‘detain’ Ranjit and team for hours at Kangpokpi SHDDC redefines ‘intensifying agitation’ [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 27 : Works Minister K Ranjit who went to inspect the Senapati mini-Secretariat was stopped from returning to Imphal by women activists of  SHDDC and kept under virtual siege along with his team at Kangpokpi today.

The Works Minister and his team were however ‘rescued’ by a huge team of Imphal West police commandos later in the evening at about 8.

A strong posse  of police commandos, made up of 35 teams comprising six cops in each team and led by the SSP of Imphal West police rushed to Kangpokpi and managed to clear the way for the Minister and his men. The police team had to fire tear gas shells to disperse the womenfolk and open fire in the air while escorting Ranjit out of Kangpokpi.

A woman received a bullet injury on her right thigh.

Following the intense stand off at Kangpokpi a Mini-truck belonging to the BRTF was set on fire at Sa-permeina at about 8.15 pm.

The bullet proof vehicle win which Ranjit was travelling was also hit by a bullet. This was confirmed by police while inspecting the damages on the glass of the vehicle at Imphal. The Minister said that this was an attempt on his life and the shot was fired deliberately.

Chairperson of Sadar Hills Women Union, Ngan-boi Momin said that the Minister refused to entertain their plea to have a brief talk and instead asked a senior officer of the district administration to talk with the womenfolk.

The request to talk was conveyed when the team arrived at Kangpokpi after the inspection at Senapati.

The conduct of the Minister was strongly decried by the womenfolk, said Momin.

Our reporter who went to cover the Minister’s inspection tour informed that the Minister and his team were returning from Sena-pati when they were blocked by a large number of women at Kangpokpi Bazar at about 3 pm. The women piled up boulders and stood in rows on the highway holding festoons.

In addition to his security escorts, Ranjit’s team was also accompanied by the Senapati SP and SDPO.

The team halted about 100 metres away from the spot where the highway was being blockaded.

Then the SP and the SDPO went ahead to talk with the blockaders but the latter insisted that they would talk with the Minister himself. At this, the SP asked the protesters to select two or three leaders to talk with the Minister.

Subsequently, K Ranjit talked with three women activists. They demanded that Sadar Hills district should be officially declared before the election.

The Minister responded by saying that the Government has genuine intention to declare Sadar Hills as a full fledged district  but it cannot be done in haste.

The women urged Ranjit to give a written assurance that Sadar Hills district would be created but he declined . As the negotiation was on, women blockaders who   were not present at the negotiation started shouting the slogan “We want Sadar Hills district”.

As the Minister’s team retracted beyond Kang-pokpi bridge, the women blockaders opened the highway and let other vehicles move. Nevertheless, they checked all the vehicles.

In the meantime, another  group of women blockaded the highway on Taphou Kuki side.

At about 6 pm, four women came from Taphou Kuki side and asked the Works Minister to declare Sadar Hills as a full fledged district by November 10.

They also asked why Kangpokpi ADC building has not been inaugurated yet though the construction work has been completed whereas the Government is planning to inaugurate Senapati mini-Secretariat on November 2.

To this, Ranjit explained that the Government was planning to inaugurate the Kangpokpi ADC building first but it could not materialise because of bandhs and blockades.

The ADC office can be inaugurated before the mini Secretariat if the people wish so, Ranjit said.

Again, when Ranjit said ‘ADC office building, Kangpokpi’, the women activists insisted that it should be spelt as ‘Sadar Hills DC office building’.

To the repeated insistence of the women activists to give a written assurance for declaring Sadar Hills as a full fledged district by November 10, Ranjit explained that his assurance would serve no purpose as Cabinet decision is mandatory for creation of a district.

The Minister and his team are currently stranded on the highway under a situation of virtual siege.

Earlier, after observing the little progress made in the portion of the Senapati mini Secretariat which would be occupied by district level officers, the Works Minister stated that due procedures would be initiated to blacklist the concerned contractor.

Yet, Ranjit maintained that all efforts would be put in to  ensure that everything is ready before November 2 when Union Home Minister P Chidambaram would inaugurate the building.

Saying that the mini-secretariat  is a property of Senapati public, he invited all and one to the inaugural function.

Source: The Sangai Express


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Civil bodies show support to Sadar Hills district demand [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, Oct 17(Newmai News Network): Seventeen different civil society organizations in Manipur have extended their support to the agitation launched under the aegis of Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee, SHDDC, on the demand of formation of Sadar Hills district, SHDDC president Ngamkhohao announced today.

This came after a consultative meeting between representatives of 17 civil bodies and SHDDC, which was held at Mini Secretariat Hall, Kangpokpi, Senapati district on Monday. The meeting was organized by SHDDC to seek views and opinion from the various NGOs regarding the blockade.

All the leaders of the different civil organizations agreed to support the ongoing movement of SHDDC after a marathon discussion.

Briefing the media after the meeting, Ngamkhohao said that because of their potential power of influence, the SHDDC decided to meet the organizations.

He said, ” We don’t believe in the Government’s re-organizing committee but at the same time we don’t object to it either. However, this should be done only after Sadar Hills district is inaugurated.”

When asked regarding lifting of the blockade, he said it would be called off automatically if the proposed Sadar Hills district is inaugurated before the upcoming polls.

Senior Citizen for Society president, N Binoy who also attended in the deliberation opined that Sadar Hills districthood demand should be granted as the Sadar Hills is needed a township status.

“We support the demand of SHDDC”, Binoy further said.

Friends president, Sapamcha Jadumani asserted that the divide and rule policy of the government of India should be stopped immediately.

The economic blockade imposed by SHDDC should be strengthened and continued further so that the government of India can hear the voice of the people.

“We will extend support to the SHDDC for anything”, Jadumani said.

K Madhumangol, advisor, ICHAM said the demand of SHDDC is a rightful demand. So, the government should try to solve it at the earliest. Accusing the central government for creating the present situation, he said if the Autonomous District Council could be constituted, then they also have the right to grant districthood to Sadar Hills.

Mapi Council president, Manihar also supported SHDDC and said that it was not the time to withdraw the blockade because the Government would hear the in the process and the demand will be fulfilled.

KT Rahman, All Manipur Club’s Organization (AMUCO), appealed to SHDDC to call off the economic blockade and look for other agitation to get the demand. He also appreciated SHDDC for organizing the consultative meeting by saying it was a good step and expressed hope for positive outcome.

The 17 civil organizations will later submit a memorandum to Chief Minister O Ibobi in connection with the Sadar Hills district demand.

The different organization which participated in today’s consultative meeting include All Manipur Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO), Senior Citizen for Society. Information Centre Hills Area Manipur (ICHAM), HERICOUN, Federation of Regional Indigenous Society (FREINDS), United People Front (UPF), Universal Mothers’ Association (UMO), Manipur Student’s Federation (MSF), Kangleipak Student’s Association(KSA), All Chingmi Tami Apunba Nupi Lup, Manipur Peace and Integrity Council, NIPCO, IPSA etc.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Kangpokpi students-teachers air blockade woes

Students stage a rally at Kangpokpi townIMPHAL, Oct 14 :  High-lighting hardships faced by the teaching and learning community as a consequence of the ongoing economic blockade a large number of students and teaching staff members took out a rally today demanding immediate of the Government on the demand for upgrading Sadar Hills to a full-fledged district.

The rally organised by Sadar hills Private Schools Association began from Thomas Ground, Kangpokpi and covered IT Road, kangpokpi Bazar via Kangpokpi IB and culminated at the official residence of Additional Deputy Commissioner.

As the ADC was out of station, president of Kangpokpi Private Schools Association Pagin Kipgen handed over a memorandum to the Sub-Deputy Collector for submission to the chief Minister.

prior to handing over of the memorandum, Pagin Kipgen  interacting with staff members of the ADC and the student participants presented a detailed account with regard to impact of the economic blockade upon daily wage earners and its consequent affect on academic matters.

While expressing that students do not wish to be drawn into political issues the prevailing situation is however compelling the student community to air their grievances as disturbances caused to normal academic activities cannot be addressed by remaining silent, he said.

Further stating that inspite of opposition from certain section of the society to the demand spearheaded by Sadar hill Districthood Demand Committee the Government of Manipur had termed the same as genuine and valid, he noted adding that according district status to Sadar Hills is for administrative convenience and development.

Ridiculing denial of the demand for nearly four decades despite the Government conceding that it is justifiable, Pagin cited past instances of land acquisition by the Government for road widening and other development works inspite of resistance from the land owners to drive home the point that if willing the demand for granting district status to Sadar hills is within the legal ambit of the Government.

At the rally banners inscribed with the slogans ‘We want Sadar hills district’, Don’t be stubborn O Ibobi’, ‘Inaugurate Sadar Hills district’, etc were held by the participants.

Source: The Sangai Express

Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur, Nagaland) ZB-AMN flays [ The Sangai Express ]

IMPHAL, Oct 14: Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur, Nagaland) has condemned Government’s decision of putting two Sub-Inspectors and three Constables of Longmai Police Station under suspension in connection with burning down of a goods laden truck by unknown persons at near the police station, along NH-37 on October 6.

The action of the State Police Department is highly questionable as many load-ed vehicles have already been burnt down in front of Kangpokpi, Saparmeina, Keithelmanbi and Mot-bung police stations in the past, said a press release.

ZB-AMN questioned why no police personnel has been put under suspension for the violence activities done by the members of SHDDC so far.

The press release added, a police personnel from Chandel was also immediately transferred after an overloaded truck turtle at Pallel on October 7.

ZB-AMN also pointed out that no action was however taken against any security personnel in connection with the Moidangpok incident.

Source: The Sangai Express


Students rally in support of Sadar Hills district demand [ Hueiyen Lanpao ]

Imphal,October 14: In support of the agitation being spearheaded by Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC), thousands of students took out a rally in Kangpokpi area and submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister through the ADC in-charge of Kangpokpi today.

Organised under the aegis of Sadar Hills Private Schools’ Association, Kangpokpi, around 2000 students coming from 20 different schools participated in the rally which commenced from Thomas ground, Kangpokpi at around 10.30 am. After passing through IT Road and IB Road, the rallyists submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister through ADC in-charge of Kangpokpi.

During the rally, the slogan shouting students were seen holding placards inscribed with wordings like ‘Don’t be stubborn O Ibobi’, ‘We want full-fledged district’, ‘We will fight till we achieve our demand’, ‘We want immediate inauguration of Sadar Hills district’, ‘We want DC and SP’, ‘We want integrity of Manipur’, ‘Districthood demand is not for breaking Manipur’, ‘Don’t play delaying tactics’, etc.

In connection with organising the rally, President of Sadar Hills Private Schools’ Association Pagin Kipgen observed that it is to show moral support of the students to the demand for upgradation of Sadar hills to a revenue district and exert pressure on the Government to grant the demand. Students in Sadar hills, however, have no direct involvement in the politics over the issue.

He pointed out that as in other parts, students of Sadar hills too have been affected by the ongoing agitation over Sadar hills district demand and they would like the Government to consider the demand at the earliest possible.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


Zelianrong Baudi alleges bias against Nagas [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal,Oct 14: Zelianrong Baudi, Manipur has objected to the suspension of two Sub-Inspectors and three constables posted in Longmai police station on the alleged charge of failing to protect the goods laden trucks plying on NH-27 which were set on fire by unidentified persons near Longmai police station on October 6.

In a statement, Secretary Information and Publicity of Zelianrong Baudi, Manipur M Akham asserted that the suspended personnel were only on duty as additional security under the responsibility of 7th Manipur Rifles. So, the action of the Government of Manipur and the Police Department in singling them out for suspension is highly questionable because many loaded vehicles and trucks have been burnt down in front of Kangpokpi, Sapermeina, Keithelmanbi and Motbung Police Station along NH-39 but no police personnel have been ever suspended. Moreover, when a police officer from Chandel district revealed the truth about over-turning of a loaded vehicle on October 7 at Pallel, the said police officer was immediately transferred.

On the other hand, cars and vehicles coming from Tamenglong were damaged and destroyed by a mob at Moidangpokpi on September 9 following rumour about killing of two truck drivers near Kaimai. But no action have been ever taken up against the police personnel of Moidangpokpi. This shows, the leniency of the Government of Manipur towards non-Nagas, Akham alleged.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao

More students join Sadar Hills demand [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 14: Yet another rally in demand of inaugurating Sadar Hills as a full fledged district has taken place today in Kangpokpi with over a thousand of school students taking part organized by the Sadar Hills Private Schools’ Association (SHIPS).

Students from schools situated in the Kangpokpi area started converging at Thomas ground since early morning and the rally set off at around 11:30.

The rally after covering the National Highway stretch at Kangpokpi, IT road, IB proceeded towards the ADC quarter chanting slogans like “we demand Sadar Hills district”, “Inaugurate Sadar Hills district” and “Zero Ibobi, stubborn” etc.

The rallyists also hold placards and banners which read “Don’t be stubborn O. Ibobi”, “We will fight till our demand is met”, “Respect Parliament Act 1971”, “Govt. of Manipur cease delaying tactics”, “stop step motherly treatment”, “How many more lives for Sadar Hills?”, “Don’t communalized Sadar Hills”, “Don’t Play with our sentiments” etc.

In the absence of the ADC and SDC, Kangpokpi who were reportedly out of station, the rallyist submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Manipur through the SDC in-charge of Kangpokpi.

Pagin Kipgen president of SHIPS speaking at the sideline of the rally said that Sadar Hills is the only place where two Autonomous District Councils exist. The student community has been affected by the agitation for demand of a Sadar Hills district since about a month. There is no future for the students, if Sadar Hills is not upgraded to a full fledged district, he said

The SHIPS president in the memorandum further mentioned that every denizens of Manipur have been affected by the economic blockade on both the national highways imposed by the SHDDC. The teaching staffs as well as the students in particular have been hit hard due to scarcity arising out of the persisting situation.

It said many essential commodities of daily requirement are scare and prices of available items are skyrocketing. “Cost of travel has gone up, there is very less or no avenue for wage earners and manual laborers to earn their livelihood. All these are impacting the poor students. Consequently fees are not paid, making it difficult for the school authorities to honour their financial commitments”, further mentioned the president.

It said the SHIPS wonders what hinders the state government from meeting the demands of the people of Sadar Hills for a full fledged district. It is neither a demand for carving out a new district nor asking for land from someone, it held.

Urging for taking up positive and prompt action with regards to the demand, it maintained the existing Congress led government led by Chief Minister Ibobi will be responsible in the event of the situation getting worse.

Source: Imphal Free Press

National integration tour held outside state [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, Oct 14: A national integration tour in New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for the students from various far flung schools of Tamei and Kangpokpi was organized by 10 Dogra of 59 mountain brigade under the aegis of red shield division.

The 17 days long tour which was flagged off by Maj General Binoy Poonnen, VSM, GO, Red Shield Division on September 11, flagged in by Lt. Col AA Pande, head quarter 59 mountain Brigade today at Senapati.

The excursion tour comprised of four teachers and 26 students from Tamei and KPI. The tour provided a platform for the students to visit new places, interact with people from the plains and experience the culture in other parts of the country. During the course of the tour children visited places of historic importance including Taj Mahal, Agra fort, Fatehpur Sikri at Agra, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal at Jaipur and Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, Qutab Minar and Lotus Temple at Delhi.

During the tour the children received a unique opportunity to meet various senior army officials including Major General Manvendra Singh, AVSM, VSM, GOC Delhi area and Brig. SD Mehta, commander, 45 Infantry Brigade at Jaipur.

During the interaction the officers motivated them and highlighted the importance of the studies and the children exchanged their views on the hill areas and tribal values. The tour culminated on October 14 at Senapati with a formal reception graced by army officers of Senapati Brigade.

At the function the students shared their experiences and highlighted the importance of peace and tranquility for the progress and development of the region.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Combined security team recovers hijacked JCB

KANGPOKPI, October 11: One JCB dozer which was hijacked by some unidentified persons on Sunday evening at around 1:45pm has been recovered between South Changoubung and North Changoubung which is located at about 10 Km away from Kangpokpi by a team of Kangpokpi police led by Inspector L.Vaiphei along with a team of 43 AR personnel posted at Kangpokpi led by captain Shashikant Marathe today at around 10am.

According to the information received from Kangpokpi police station, Kangpokpi Police alongwith 43 AR personnel conducted a combing operation in the wee hours of today. When someone informed them that a vehicle ha been moving towards North Changoubung, the team rushed to the side and recovered the hijacked JCB along with the drivers and four others on the way between South and North Changoubung Village.

The JCB driver told the police that around 5/6 unidentified person hijacked the vehicles along with them on Sunday at around 1:45pm but they could not identified whose party or organization they belongs or whether they are just a gang party.

The JCB belongs to one Binod Kumar from Imphal. Kangpokpi Police escort the vehicles to Imphal today itself.

Source: Imphal Free Press