Sit-in protest against Sadar Hills district [ The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 25 : Naga people residing in Sadar Hills area of Senapati district staged a protest demonstration at Siangmai Namdai village today against creation of Sadar Hills district.
The protest demonstration was participated by a large number of people coming from around 120 Naga villages.

They put up placards which read as “No Sadar Hills district without Nagas’ consent”, “No re-organisation of administrative boundaries”, “We oppose creation of Sadar Hills district”, “The demand of SHDDC has no consensus”, etc.

The protesters also chanted the slogans, “Honour and uphold MoUs”, “We oppose inclusion in the valley” etc.

Addressing a meeting organised as part of the sit-in-protest, UNC general secretary Gaudian Kamei alleged that the Government of Manipur has been forfeiting  the rights of tribal people since many years back.

Accusing the State Government of following a divide and rule policy to breed animosity among different communities in the hill districts, Gaudian Kamei asserted that it is the right of Nagas to protect their territory.

He further stated that Nagas would not compromise even a single inch of their land.
All the unwanted consequences resulting from the economic blockade are the making of the State Government.

Saying that no force can subdue the aspirations of Naga people, the UNC functionary maintained that the Naga people have no ill-feeling against any other community.

Noting that many Councillors have been elected after holding ADC elections against the wish of Naga people, Gaudian Kamei observed that some people have been working in their own selfish interest against the collective aspiration of Naga unification.

He said that it was still not too late for the elected ADC Members to give in to the Naga people.

The demand for alternative arrangement is not about a new State or a Union Territory.

It is for an alternative administration outside the jurisdiction of the Government of Manipur for  some period before the ongoing peace talk  with the Government of India arrives at a lasting solution.

The protest demonstration was also participated by leaders of several Naga organisations including the Southern Senapati Naga Village Council.

On the other hand, students of Saint Francis School, Daili took out a protest rally at Kangpokpi demanding an early solution to the vexed Sadar Hills district issue.

The students also submitted a memorandum at the office of ADC Kangpokpi.

Source: The Sangai Express



Delhi conclave resolves to work for Zeliangrong integration [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Tamenglong, Oct. 24: The first ever Zeliangrong conclave, “ZELIANGRONG 2011” was held at New Delhi on the 22nd of October, 2011 under the theme “One People, One vision, One Voice”. The conclave was attended by Zeliangrong elites, youth and student leaders, research scholars and professionals besides the members of the “Zeliangrong Naga” Facebook group, which organized the event., said a press release.
The press release signed by Rangro Herie, Convener Zeliangrong 2011 said that special invitees including Raitu Chawang, President, Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN), Tingenlung John Pamei, President, AZSU (AMN), Romeo Palmei, President, ZYF (AMN), Spoke person Titus Kamei, ZYF, K. Elu Ndang, Gen. Secy. Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN), representatives of Zeliangrong Theological Forum, Pou Benzamin Pamei, President, Zeliangrong Welfare Association, Delhi, Penam, President, ZSU Nagaland, Chunthuigai Kamei, State Secy.ZSU Manipur, Poukindin Malangmei, President, ZSU Delhi and his colleagues and resource persons were also prominent leaders present in the conclave.

He said that after a day-long interaction and deliberation  many resolutions have been unanimously passed by the house and appealed to the Zeliangrong apex bodies to earnestly implement the resolutions at the earliest in the interest of the Zeliangrong people.

Among the resolutions adopted, the conclave pledged to protect Zeliangrong people, land and resources and to work for the Integration of Zeliangrong territories, which have been arbitrarily trifurcated into Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. In this regard, the  conclave felt that early integration of Zeliangrong territories would invariably strengthen the process of Naga integration too.

Supporting the Indo-Naga peace process was another resolution. The conclave also appealed to the Zeliangrong apex bodies to remain vigilant and see that the interests of the Zeliangrong people are ensured when the Indo-Naga settlement is arrived at and lastly appealed for peace and harmony and immediate cessation of all acts of hostilities and violence in Zeliangrong country, the release said.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao


Responding to public meet on MLR and LR Act, UNC asserts… Nagas independent of Meitei kings [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 23 : The public meeting on Manipur Land Reforms and Land Revenue Act (MLR & LR Act) at Imphal on October 22 totally ignored the historical fact concerning the Nagas and tribals in Manipur, said a United Naga Council statement issued today by its Publicity Cell.
asserting that the Nagas and the tribals in the present state of Manipur were independent of the Manipur Maharaja, the statement pointed out that a dual system of administration for the Hills and the Valley came into existence after the British annexed the Meitei kingdom of Manipur in 1891.

This system continued even after 1949 when the Meitei kingdom was merged with the Indian Union along with the hill areas, without the knowledge and consent of the Nagas and other tribal people.

The indisputable separateness between the Nagas/tribals in Manipur  and the people from Manipur Valley was recognized even then, UNC said and referred to Article 371C of the Indian Constitution to affirm that rights and interests for the tribals in Manipur were protected under the legislation.

The separate Manipur MLR & LR Act was passed by the Indian Parliament in 1960 and was made applicable only to the valley area of Manipur. This is a logical extension of the historical position of the hills vis-a-vis the plains and protects the tribals from land alienation.

The discussion at Imphal smacks of utter disrespect for the tribals and their separate identity and symbolises arrogance and domineering attitude of the majority Meitei community, the Council alleged.

Reacting to the discussion recording that the hill people do not hold any document of land holding and that the chief/khullakpas can simply claim ownership over hill ranges of their localities, the UNC opined that subtle and condescending arguments are all being presented towards legitimizing the usurpation of tribal lands.

The discourse in greater Imphal is about land grabbing, about upgradation/creation of new revenue districts, about intrusion into the land of the tribals.

As already brought out into the public domain, every Naga village and tribe have their own distinct territorial boundary and jurisdiction.

The tribals have their own way of life. To them the land and the people cannot be parted as their culture, tradition and identity are interwoven with the land.

“The meeting which was telecast on the local channel saw the UCM president suggesting bloodshed and one Ranendrajit mention the possibility of a civil war in Manipur if the MLR&LR Act is not extended to the hills.”

The threat is clearly directed to the tribals in absentia. This is a wake up call for the tribals in Manipur,” the UNC exhorted while cautioning that the concern individuals and their organizations would be held solely responsible for any untoward incident arising out of their instigation and threats.

Source: The Sangai Express


ANSAM bandh supporters strike MR truck torched on NH-37 [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 23 : A mini truck belonging to Manipur Rifles was pushed down a river bank and set ablaze by a mob, suspected to be supporters of ANSAM sponsored total bandh at Lukhumbi village in Tamenglong district along     Imphal-Jiribam highway.
According to a source, a mini truck painted with the words 7 MR DGP Pool hit a stationary Maruti car at Lukhumbi Part II along the highway at about 10 am today.

The incident flared up and a large mob set afire the MR truck.

It is reported that the car was being readied to take a sick person to a hospital when it was hit by the truck.

The mini truck was halted by a large group of people and then a heated altercation ensued between the two sides.

With the arrival of Tamenglong SP at the scene, a negotiation meeting was held at the house of Lukhumbi Part II Thoubei.

The villagers demanded that the security team should pay compensation in addition to repairing the damaged car.

As the negotiation was going on, a mob pushed the truck down the Ijei river and set it afire.
After the truck was set afire, the negotiation ended abruptly.

The mini truck was going on ROP duty from Awangkhul to Noney.

The Tamenglong SP appealed to the people not to put hurdles against movement of vehicles on the highway. But the people   rejected the appeal outrightly.

Following intimation from the higher authority to bring in loaded vehicles after total bandh ends in the morning of October 25, security escorts have made necessary arrangements.

Otherwise, loaded vehicles would have  left Jiribam for Imphal today.

On the other hand, the bandh supporters decided that all vehicles including security vehicles would not be given passage during the bandh.

They also decided that the bandh would be relaxed only for vehicles on medical and emergency services.

Notably, endorsing the UNC’s demand for alternative arrangement, ANSAM called total bandh in Naga inhabited areas of Manipur with effect from October 21 midnight till the midnight of October 24.

Source: The Sangai Express

ANSAM states stand [The Sangai Express]

IMPHAL, Oct 23 : Asserting that ANSAM was compelled to impose the total bandh from midnight of October 21 till midnight of October 24 since there has been no initiative from the Centre on the decision taken during the 3rd Naga People’s Convention for an Alternative Arrange-ment, the student body said that despite being aware of the fact, the State Government is bent on provoking the Nagas.

The attempt to disrupt the bandh by IRB men testifies this, it said in a statement and added that the action of the people of Noney was a fitting response to the disrespect and contempt shown by the State Government and its agencies.

ANSAM does not condone violence but it will not shy away from shouldering the responsibilities of ensuring that the rights of the Nagas are respected, said the student body.

Regretting the inconvenience caused to the public, ANSAM however said that the action has been foisted on them by the Government of India and the State Government.

Source: The Sangai Express

KSO asserts respect and not communal hatred needed for survival [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, Oct 22 (Newmai News Network): Stating that any political agenda of the government directed along communal lines would spell their (Meiteis, Nagas and Kukis) doom, Kuki Students’ Organization (KSO) said it is on this ground that the students’ body is apprehensive of the move for ‘alternative arrangement’ for Nagas within Manipur state which, in the context of the current situation, the political history of Manipur, terminology and coverage, is unquestionably communal in nature.

The KSO had already clearly stated that the Sadar Hills Distict Demand Committee’s (SHDDC) demand is not communal in nature, but some Naga bodies and the state government are intent on making it a communal issue leading to outrages communal statements being leveled against the Kuki community which KSO has taken very seriously, necessitating a clarification on ‘communal lines’ by it, stated the KSO today.

“The state government is squarely to be blamed. Autonomous District Council (ADC) election was held for the Sadar Hills ADC. However, after the ADC was formed, the people of Sadar Hills were appalled to find that their ‘district’ had turned out to be ‘Senapati and we had a unique situation where two ADCs existed in a single district”, said KSO.

It said the state government must remember that it had conducted a successful election exercise with the support of the people of the district and that appropriate administrative structure should be in place and democratic governance and the rule of law should normally follow suit.

KSO also said,  “It would be pointless to debate about our origin or uniqueness unless we are discussing anthropology or genetic science or demography”, etc.

Saying that as far the political rights are concerned, the Kukis had fought against a world power (British) to maintain their political control/supremacy in this part of the world and added that the majority Meiteis of the plains too had done the same on separate/earlier occasion.

“All these three communities have survived together for centuries till today. Unless we have a healthy respect for one another, communal hatred will destroy us all, not any outside force. And any political agenda of the government directed along communal lines would spell our doom. It is on this ground that KSO is apprehensive of the move for’ alternative arrangement’ for Nagas within the state which, in the context of the current situation, the political history of Manipur, terminology and coverage, is unquestionably communal in nature”, KSO added.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Zeliangrong bodies extend support to ANSAM agitation; warn to intensify agitation [Imphal Free Press]

IMPHAL, October 22: Several Zeliangrong civil organizations today declared to fully co-operate with the ongoing agitation of the All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM) in all Naga inhabited areas in protest against the failure of the centre to materialize UNC’s demand for “Alternative Arrangement”.

The civil bodies further threatened to intensify its agitation until the demand is met.

The declaration was made during a press meet held today at the office of Longmai bazaar Board Committee, Noney, attended by the Zeliangrong Students’ Union, ZSU; Inpui Students’ Union (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland); Zeliangrong Baudi-AMN; Naga Women’s Organisation Forum-Noney and Longmai Authority Council; Longmai bazaar Board Committee office, Noney.

In the meantime, as a result of the total bandh imposed by ANSAM since midnight yesterday, normal life in Noney area was paralyzed. All forms of transportation remained defunct and all shops situated in Noney bazaar remained shut.

However educational institutes remained fully functioning.

Meanwhile, several numbers of placards and banners were posted around entire Noney area including the main market saying “We condemned O. Ibobi Communal government”, “We want alternative arrangement at the earliest possible time”, “Tripartite talk must be honoured”, “We want alternative arrangement” etc.

Talking to media persons during the meet, Chamrei Kamei, joint secretary, Zeliangrong Baudi-AMN stated, Nagas strongly opposed the step motherly treatment meted out to the Nagas by the Manipur government. The futile outcome of the three tripartite talks between the UNC with the state and central government is an indication that the government has failed to acknowledge the aspiration of the Nagas, he asserted.

He further informed that the civil bodies will continue with its agitation until the demand is met with and further threatened to intensify the agitation.

P. Athui advisor-ZSUM, said the Nagas under the spearhead of the UNC has been demanding “Alternative Arrangement” for more than one year besides the UNC had served a 20 days ultimatum but the government concerned remained indifferent. “We realize the hardship that the people have to face but we have no other choice” said Athui.

Branding the government of Manipur as ‘communal’ he alleged the Naga people of the south (Manipur) has been suppressed for long enough.

He claimed the Nagas has been struggling to live under one administrative unit since 1947 and it is high time the government of India acknowledged the aspiration of the Nagas, he further added.

“If we don’t see any visible solution within the three day long total bandh, we will intensify our agitation” said James Inka, president-Inpui Students’ Union.

The ANSAM imposed the total bandh in all the Naga inhabited area since midnight of October 21 and till October 24 midnight followed by a public curfew from October 25 which will be effective for only one hour per day from 12 noon to 1 pm.

As per the protocol for enforcement of the agitation of the UNC during the public curfew movements of any kind will be strictly checked by volunteers and whoever found violating the curfew would be detained till 1pm.

Source: Imphal Free Press

General strike affects normal life in Naga areas [The Sangai Express]

Imphal, Oct 22: Normal life in four hill districts of Manipur on Saturday affected due to a three-day total bandh enforced by All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur ( ANSAM) to air their voice against the failure of  Government of India to take up concrete action regarding ‘Alternative Arrangement’ for the Nagas outside the Government of Manipur.
On the other hand, a team of GP Women’s College students numbering 59, and including four teachers have been stranded at Mao Gate because of the ANSAM sponsored bandh.

Taking serious note of the woes of stranded students, Senapati district administration has provided security as well as fooding and lodging facitlities.

The bandh which began from last midnight and to be ended on midnight of October 24 paralysed normal business and vehicular movement. All offices of both Government and non-Government were also remained closed in the districts of Tamenglong, Senapati, Ukhrul and Chandel. Schools were thinly attended as vehicular movement of any kind including that of frontal organizations have been restricted during the strike.

In the meantime, ANSAM has also imposed an indefinite public curfew on the same demand which will commence with effect from October 25.

Meanwhile, the Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur, Nagaland) has warned for more intense agitation if the Government of India fails to meet the demand for ‘alternative arrangement’ for the Nagas outside of Manipur Government on Friday.

In support of the total bandh imposed by ANSAM, the Zelingrong Baudi (Assam Manipur Nagaland) Joint Secretary, Chamrei Kamei, who was speaking at a press conference today at Noney Bazaar, Tamenglond district, said since the Governments of Manipur and Centre have not considered the demand for alternative arrangement for the Nagas in Manipur during the tripartite talks held among the three parties, the bandh has been called to protest against the negative attitude of the state Government.

P Athui, who was also present at the press conference said, “We Nagas want to live under a single administrative unit as the Naga tribe is unique in nature and its history is also unique. So, the demand of the Nagas itself is unique too.”

Showing solidarity to the strike enforced by ANSAM, Inpui Students’ Union President James Inka said Zeliangrong Students’ Union (ZSU), Zelingrong Baudi (Assam, Manpur, Nagaland), Naga Women’s Union, Longmai Area, ZSU Longmai Area, Longmai Authority Council and ZSUM support it.

Placards set up on walls expressing “Tripartite talks must be honoured”, “We condemn Ibobi’s communal Government”, “We want peace solution”, “We want alternative arrangement for tribal people”, “We want alternative arrangement outside Manipur” were seen across the four hill districts.

It is worth noting that last year following the request from Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, the United Naga Council (UNC) had agreed to engage in a tripartite talk among the Centre, the state Government and UNC.

The talks had held three rounds so far, however, the dialogue process has not been able to bring an amicable solution

General strike in Jiri: The general strike called by ANSAM in Naga areas of Manipur severely affected vehicular movement on NH-37 with vehicles were off the road, reports our Jiribam Correspondent.

Source: The Sangai Express

ZSU bans Manipuri songs in Tamenglong [Hueiyen Lanpao]

Imphal, Oct 21: The ZSU lending full support to the 72 hours bandh called by the All Naga Students Association Manipur (ANSAM) in all the Naga inhabited areas of Manipur, has started pulling down banners and signboards in Tamenglong where the word Manipur is written. Apart from this, all Manipuri songs have been banned in the district.

Reports reaching here from Tamenglong said that ZSU volunteers using loudspeakers asked the people of the area to stay indoors during the bandh. School going students, essential services and medical related services are exempted during the bandh.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao

ANSAM announces total bandh [Hueiyen Lanpao]

 Imphal, October 19: Decrying the alleged failure of the Government of India to intervene over the demand for ‘Alternative Arrangement’ for the Nagas in Manipur raised by UNC, ANSAM has announced a series of agitation with effect from October 21.

In a statement issued by its Publicity Cell, ANSAM said, ”we will be firstly observing a 3-day total bandh in all Naga areas from the midnight of 21st October, 2011 to midnight of 24th October, 2011.  However, in respect of Chandel District, the total bandh on 23rd October, 2011 will be excepted/relaxed due to Chavan Kumhrin festival”.

Moreover, schools will be an exception but any vehicular movement on school duties will fall under the purview of the total bandh, the statement announced.

“From the 25th of October, 2011 there will be indefinite total shut down for 1 hour i.e. from 12 noon to 1pm everyday excepting Sundays in all District Hqs, Sub-Divisional Hqs and National and State Highways”, the statement further informed, adding that other forms of agitation and protest will be taken up in continuation and the public will be notified in due course of time.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao